Great Moments In Black History #09: “I Guess He’s Never Heard of Lauryn Hill”

May 11th, 2009 by | Tags: , , ,

from marvel’s fantastic four: the new fantastic four. words by dwayne mcduffie, art by paul pelletier.

(i still don’t know that i genuinely care about storm, but this is a couple of good bits.)

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9 comments to “Great Moments In Black History #09: “I Guess He’s Never Heard of Lauryn Hill””

  1. I didn’t notice this the first time I saw that last page, but Ben is still holding her up four panels later.

  2. The takedown of the Silver Surfer is a good scene that got much hate for no reason. Black Panther is Marvel’s Batman, among other things, and has been like that since the Kirby days.

  3. Two comments:

    – Omega-level mutants FTW.
    – I can’t help but wonder how mutant-human relations would have been impacted had Storm been a member of the Fantastic Four prior to her wedding.

  4. That’s fine stuff. And I remember seeing some bits of this run and thinking it might be worth picking up the trade. Do you have any reservation in recommending the whole run?

  5. None at all– McDuffie wrote some of the best FF stories since Waid, and his last arc was a thing of beauty. I’d love to see him on an extended run.

  6. I get that Storm’s a mutant pretty high up on the totem pole but having her take out someone with the power cosmic seems kind of beyond the pale for me. Unless he got right back up from that attack this feels like jobbing.

  7. @Dane: Storm’s one of the most powerful mutants ever, to the point where she can affect weather patterns in space. She isn’t Phoenix class, but she’s next best thing.

    Stardust did get back up, though.

  8. Space has weather patterns?

  9. @Lurkerwithout: Not like on Earth, no, but saying “weather patterns” is faster on the go than saying “Storm can summon solar flares and affect whatever radiation storms are out in space.”