Adventures in Unfortunate Keywording

January 6th, 2009 by | Tags: , ,



I guess it’s true what they say… “pimpin’ ain’t dead, it just moved to the web.”


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6 comments to “Adventures in Unfortunate Keywording”

  1. am I alone in wishing the website was called “Afromance?”

    and what would form of divination is afromancy?

    Is Black Panther an afromancer?

  2. Afromancy is what old black dudes from the south do.

    It’s called “knowing everything about everything.”

  3. You have no idea how hard I laughed at this.

  4. I seriously only saw it via a miracle.

    Firefox had locked up and someone was telling me I should read it. So, I opened up Safari, which has no ad-blocking software plugins, and blam, right there at the top of the page. That was when I knew it was meant to be.

  5. I’m not usually overly sensitive to these things, but that ad’s pic is . . . oppressive.

  6. and hot!