Kathryn Immonen on Hellcat

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Honestly, if you aren’t reading Hellcat already, I can’t do anything for you. Why aren’t you reading this amazingly charming, funny, fun, interesting, and well done book? It’s really very great, to not put too fine a point on it. David LaFuente’s art is great and unlike 90% of comic art out there.

That said, go read Tom Spurgeon interviewing Kathryn Immonen, writer of Hellcat, at Comics Reporter.

Here’s hoping we see more work out of everyone involved.

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One comment to “Kathryn Immonen on Hellcat”

  1. I love the Hellcat mini. It doesn’t make much sense, but I still love it. Patsy is awesome. So awesome I want a new Marvel Team-Up book just so she can be forced to work with her ex. And he’ll be all dark and broody and gloomy and Patsy will spend the whole time on the cell phone talking with MJ and Millie and the other Marvel Models…