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December 1st, 2008 by |

I’ve never been a fan of character death. The impact of a character’s death on any particular story seems a poor trade for all the stories that they could be in. The latest trend of characters coming back to life seems to be unpopular with most people, but I love it. That said, I would kill off the Joker in a heartbeat. He’s mean.

So. What character would you gladly see the last of? And what would be the best death for them?

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21 comments to “Hit List”

  1. What character would you gladly see the last of?

    david brothers

    And what would be the best death for them?

    The slow kind.

  2. @Gavok: Damnit, I *won’t* see you two destroy each other! Not now. Not after everything.

  3. hey look it’s me as wolverine and cyclops as gavok:

    hey just like in real life!

  4. Mohinder on Heroes. Or Dr. Chump. How many times has he gone to work for the bad guys, quit, then gone back now? Then Maya. Because she’s so damn annoying. Really, Heroes just needs a big-damned culling. And who DO they kill? Ellectronica. Stupid, stupid writers…

  5. david, the last time you inspired anyone… was when you were dead.


    On topic: Who would I kill? Donna Troy. What kind of death? A permanent one.

  7. I don’t want to spoil a rather smallish bit from Batman: RIP, but if that was the final, permanent death of the Joker, that would be pretty damn funny.

  8. You know, I read Batman RIP a few days ago, and I honestly can’t recall what happened to the Joker.

    Y’know, I’m trying to think of a character that I’d really like to see die permanently, and I’m coming up with nothing. Maybe I don’t read enough comics?

  9. Speedy. Girl deserves a quick death.

  10. Mitch Shelley. As many ways as possible.

    Oh, and if Aquaman happened to take a harpoon for the President, well, he would be missed. I assume.

  11. I would be so SO grateful if Carnage’s death stuck.

  12. i want to see someone take out the tobey mcguire version of spiderman. maybe killing him with a shrimp fork.

  13. Every Daniel Clowes comic should end with the protagonists dying in a hail of gunfire.

  14. Talia Al Ghul. Just to see Damien go nuts.

  15. What character would you gladly see the last of?
    Loeb’s red Hulk.

    And what would be the best death for them?
    I don’t know, but let’s blame Moon Knight for it.

  16. Frank Castle should die.

    If any character should have a story arc where they die and that’s the end of the comic, it’s the Punisher. Warren Ellis did it with Hitman and it worked, the same should have been done at the end of Ellis’ run on MAX Punisher.

  17. You mean Garth Ennis?

    Here’s a handy mnemonic: Warren Ellis holds “tite” to the ceiling.

  18. Daken. I really dislike Wolverine’s whole “I have a son” thing, and frankly, I find him an incredibly unappealing character. Kind of like Wolverine but without all the parts that make him a worthwhile character.

  19. The Joker: either killed by an unnamed normal with a realworld weapon/random household object; or simply humiliated, when out of his chemical weapons, by having his white makeup wiped off by a bossy old lady, revealing normal skin tone underneath, & quitting in desolation.

    Hal Jordan: sent on a mission to a planet whose dominant technological race are of such size that humans seem insectile. Splatted across a windshield.

  20. Marque from Batgirl miniseries. (yes, I know no one’s reading that, not even me, but damn is the character description enough to annoy me…she is Cass’s killer sister who cuts herself. UGH! disgusting and a disgrace to Cass. Why did DC let that character get published?)

    I like Talia, but her “dying” might actually be interesting. I don’t think Damian would go nuts with Talis’s death (might make him meeker now that his mommy’s not around to spoil/protect him), but it would give Bruce a reason to adopt/take him in and try to reform him. Oh wait, but Bruce is gone. Hm. Maybe one of the other sidekicks can take him out of obligation to Bruce. >>

  21. The Joker – Him appearing, murdering hundreds of people and no-one doing anyone about it save “locking” him in a cell that might as well have a revolving door does no good. I makes the Gotham Justice system and Batman into ineffective fools. Band-aids over a sucking chest wound.

    Have him die, have his image mass-marketed, and a hundred street gang wannabes take his place. Batman Beyond meets A Clockwork Orange meets the “Magneto was right” meme in Morrison’s X-Men.

    Honorable mention for Hawkman, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen and every other Silver Age icon Geoff Johns has ressurected. I’m not interested in the modern “Wolverine with Wings” take on Hawkman, and whilst I like Hal and Barry, I really thought Kyle, John, Guy and Wally are all way more interesting characters. I agree something had to be done about the way Hal Jordan was removed, but I’m not against the removal per se.