The Odd Couple

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The day after the last issue of Batman RIP, I’ve been thinking it over, and you know who would make a great writing team? Judd Winick and Grant Morrison.

No! Wait! Don’t go!

Judd Winick can set up a story like nobody’s business. I’ve been reading Green Arrow forever, and he speeds us through each issue, beginning with a bang, setting up bad guys and plot points expertly, and ending with a cliffhanger that makes the reader look forward to an explanation in the next issue.

The frustrating thing about his writing is that often last issue’s cliffhanger will become this issue’s irrelevancy. We’ve been seeing this a lot since the wedding. Ollie’s dead! No wait. No, he isn’t. He has been kidnapped by Amazons! No wait. No, he hasn’t. Aliens shot Connor! No wait, they were just guys in alien costumes. Why were they in alien costumes? Because in order to have that great cliffhanger in the last issue they needed to be in alien costumes.

Morrison, on the other hand, is very good at integrating legitimately nutzoid ideas into his stories. However, as we have seen in Batman RIP and in his JLA series, his extended stories read a bit like a physics lecture when the lecturer is on acid. It all starts out very exciting, but when he starts naming quarks after the seven dwarves you feel like you’ve lost the thread.

The idea of some sort of joint book between these two is growing on me. Artistically I think they would complement each other very well.

Personally . . . I have no idea. Even if it doesn’t work, look at it this way. You could plant cameras in their office and sell the video for big bucks, donating all profits to the favorite charity of whichever one lived through the process.

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5 comments to “The Odd Couple”

  1. The bit about naming the quarks after the 7 dwarfs made me laugh. Especially because they’d probably make just as much sense that way.

  2. The Real World: DC? I’d watch it.

    “Naw Judd, ye cannae… ye cannae dae that, it’ll jist be shite.”

  3. They could trumpet it as Judd Winick’s triumphant return to the creative medium of reality television! But just to really shake things up, they introduce Puck as the project’s artist!

  4. It makes me sad that Bru will probably not write Batman again. I really liked the issues he wrote, but they were pretty consistently interrupted by constant crossover bullshit.

  5. I wouldn’t say he’ll never write Batman again. You never know what the next ten years may bring – I don’t see Brubaker or any of his Marvel cohorts (Bendis, Fraction, Aaron, Millar) staying there forever even though the current creative environment is just incredible, shit always happens. I’m looking forward to Matt Fraction’s Superman one day. Jason Aaron’s Detective Comics.