Catching Flies

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I realize that the Bat-books are Esther’s purview, but I have a very, very important question here. What is going on in this panel?

Near as I can tell, Nightwing is torturing info out of a crook by pouring honey over his head and therefore tempting rats into eating him? Is that it? I just don’t understand.

This is the most remarkable thing in the book, by the way– the other highlights are Nightwing’s computer password (“big top”) and Two Face’s plan to terrorize New York by throwing giant bags of (scarred) pennies off the Empire State Building.

It’s all played perfectly straight. Terrible.

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8 comments to “Catching Flies”

  1. David, I read Nightwing when Dick was a male model who was banging his boss, and Jason Todd was a tentacle monster.

    This all looks plausible to me.

    (Maybe Dick just read 1984 and forgot the ‘helmet’ part of a rat helmet?)

  2. I’m curious about a few things. a) How did Nightwing know that the blimps were evil? b) Why were all of the blimps were tied together? c) Why did Nightwing think crashing a bunch of blimps filled with crazy toxins into a major waterway was a good idea?

  3. I can defend A/B: I’m pretty sure “chain of blimps at midnight” or whenever was suspicious enough to warrant investigation, and as for the blimps, he was leaping from blimp to blimp linking them together (so he only had to crash the one and the others’d be screwed).

  4. Two-Face should have watched Mythbusters. An individual penny, even at terminal velocity, doesn’t pack enough of a punch to kill a person because its mass isn’t big enough.

    Now, if those were lead or gold coins, you might get some cracked skulls out of the deal, but that’s about it…

  5. I think the pennies were more of a “Hey, just it case you’re wondering who’s in town, it’s Two Face.” Or, you know, the Penny Plunderer is back from the grave. His plan to dump acid on half of New York City had a little more oomph in the terror department.

    What killed the whole thing for me was the terrible way Two-Face himself was portrayed. Or should I say “himselves”? Eh? Eh?

  6. I’d sure be pissed if I had actually been expecting the Nightwing and Detective R.I.P tie-ins to actually tie in to R.I.P. What shit.

  7. I would’ve had so much respect for this issue if all the extra story pages were devoted to Two Face and all his goons sitting around in a windowless room, scarring the pennies one by one and then putting them in bags for later throwing. Double the respect if there was one of those old school editor’s notes that said “You want realism? Here’s your fucking realism.”

  8. I just want to know where Two-face found twenty dudes willing to scar half a city based off a madman’s plan. That and twenty blimps on short notice. I can barely hail a cab after leaving a bar, getting a blimp has to be even worse.

    And also why Two-face’s plan was “I will hire Nightwing to keep me from killing this chick, and then when I kill her I will terrorize New York because he screwed up!”

    I realize that Batman has crazy villains, but there has to be a limit.