TSS Presents 15 Minutes With Method Man

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TSS Presents 15 Minutes With Method Man | The Smoking Section

TSS: So what’s the word with this comic book you got coming out?

Method Man: Huh?

TSS: What’s the word with this comic book you got coming out?

Method Man: (Laughs) It’s funny getting asked that, that’s why I wanted to hear you say that again. It’s called Method Man of course, named after me. Except for Method Man is in a gang of murderers who are descendants of the first murderer, Cain. My character doesn’t want anything to do with that lifestyle anymore nut that’s the only life he knows. So, in the outside world, he becomes a private investigator. He just takes the cases nobody else will because basically they don’t think the cases are real because they deal with paranormal and occult things.

TSS: So what was your role in the book? Did you just do the concept? The writing?

Method Man: The concept. David Atchinson took the writing over and Sanford Greene did the artwork.

TSS: What made you want to do this comic book?

Method Man: I never really thought about it. But when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it because I’m a big comic book fan.

TSS: Yeah, I remember the Wu-Tang had a comic book a few years ago. I collect too and—

Method Man: Wack. That shit was wack. I ain’t understand that bullshit.

TSS: Who’s idea was it?

Method Man: I don’t know. I ain’t have nothing to do with that shit. There were a lot of things going on I ain’t have nothing to do with. Like that wack-ass video game. That video game was garbage.

TSS: Wait, which game was that?

Method Man: Shaolin Style or some shit like that.

TSS: Now, back to this comic, I hear you got 25,000 comics or something like that…

Method Man: Yeah, I got a gang of books.

TSS: What were your favorites and what really influenced this comic book?

Method Man: All of them, really. I basically stuck with Marvel. I like some of the independent titles. I read comics like Evil Ernie. Vampirella. Lady Death. All those outside independents and stuff like that. Dark Horse Comics and Image when it broke off and all those artists formed their own company. But mostly Marvel was my mainstay. And any X-Men.

TSS: So X-Men were the favorite?

Method Man: Yeah.

TSS: So what was your favorite character?

Method Man: All of’em really. I wasn’t that much of a geek where it’s like ’such and such is my favorite character because he does this, that and the third.’ But I just love the books. I like the teamwork.

Shaolin Style was awesome because it was a real deal four player fighting game with fatalities. It wasn’t really all that fun, though.

Method Man, from the Black Panel (full report coming soon), on his comic Method Man: “It’s pretty decent.”

I love his marketing. I should be getting a copy of the book in the mail soon, so I’ll definitely have to report back with that.

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7 comments to “TSS Presents 15 Minutes With Method Man”

  1. Aw, not Lady Death.

  2. All i know about their game was that there was a dude with a knife on a chain. For long distance knifing.

  3. Was the Wu-Tang book as wack as he says?

  4. Speaking as a guy who owns the trade of it… yes.

  5. Was it full of Fu-Man-Chu/The Mandarin style mythical enemies? Because If it is, I’ve read part of it.

  6. I should talk about it here. But, yeah. It was kind of a mish-mashy mess.

  7. Method Man’s comic book sounds bad 🙁