Garth Ennis Surprised Me Tonight

February 13th, 2008 by | Tags: , , , , ,

Kathryn McAllister from Hitman and Kathryn O’Brien from Punisher MAX are the same person.

There was a throwaway line in Punisher about Tommy Monaghan, star of Hitman, but I thought it was just Ennis being clever. As it turns out, it was him being even more clever than I thought.

Good show, man. Well played.

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4 comments to “Garth Ennis Surprised Me Tonight”

  1. Which issue was this hinted at?

  2. Yeah, I knew about the connection too, but I never heard O’Brien make reference to Hitman.

  3. It’s during Man of Stone when she’s talking about her past loves. She looks sad for a moment and mentions “Poor, doomed Tommy” or something like that. It was an obvious Hitman reference at the moment, but it only just now clicked that she is actually the same girl from the end of Hitman.

  4. Heh, you’re spot on. Roth mentions whether O’Brien wants to revert to one of her old married names “McAllister” in issue #21. In issue #40, she says, “It’s mostly guys like Rawlins, or idiots, or drunks. Or the truly, irrevocably doomed.. that stupid bastard Tommy”, in response to Frank saying she had a thing for bad boys.

    Ennis is one clever bastard, alright.