Blatant Image Post

February 21st, 2007 by | Tags: , ,

Here’s a bit from Garth Ennis’s Hitman where Ennis is doing what he does best: letting his characters talk. I forget the issue and I’m actually leaving for work right after I press “Publish,” but it’s easy to locate online. It’s from the issue with Superman. Perhaps in the 20s or 30s?

It runs into the sidebar, but I’ll fix it when I get home. Tonight. Ugh.



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3 comments to “Blatant Image Post”

  1. I never read the title. Didn’t even know it was by Ennis.

    I’m curious.

  2. Hitman is easily one of Ennis’s finest works. It manages to work in all his pet themes without being obnoxious and the dialogue work is some of the best he’s ever done.

    Of course, that said, there are only five trades out for it. The latter half of the series remains uncollected, which is a shame. It has one of the most well done endings I’ve seen.

  3. To this day I am still amazed at how a writer who hates superhero ‘gets’ Superman so well.