It’s Called Speed Stick

May 28th, 2007 by | Tags:

I think I mentioned this way back around NY Comic-con time, but here’s Read a Book, part of BET’s new slate of animation. I was there when they showed this and you can kinda hear the reception to it on the video: busted guts and hurt sides.

It’s just as funny the second time around. Thank heaven for YouTube, huh?

I promise, I’ll quit this linkblogging stuff soon!

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8 comments to “It’s Called Speed Stick”

  1. Did they mean for it to come out like that? I mean, was it intentionaly bad and hilarious?

  2. Well, it’s a cam recording of a big-screen recording in a dark auditorium. I’m sure we’ll see a higher quality one soon.

  3. I don’t mean the film quality. I mean the production itself.

  4. I wish the sound quality was better, I can’t hear what he’s singing most of the time. The video had some hilarious parts in it though.

  5. That was a trip. I hope I’ll be able to understand more of it when I get a chance to watch it again, later.

  6. Oh, that song is catchy. Wonderfully and embarassingly catchy….

  7. I’ve watched this wayyy too many times, now. I just can’t help myself.

    Gotta drop a link to this one.

  8. What. The. Fuck.