(Run off and join the) People of Colour Carnival

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Via Ragnell

I’m not 100% clear on the difference between a blog carnival and a linkblog (a carnival is more discerning, I guess?), but here’s one that sounds interesting.

Why A Carnival?
Because Lt. Uhura should have had more lines. (ST: TOS)
Because Kevin Sorbo was jealous of Keith Hamilton Cobb and wrote him out. (Andromeda)
Because among other butchery, the SciFi Channel made Ged white. (EarthSea)
Because Forrest was a plot point and Graham was an extra. (Btvs)
Because Ronon Dex is not a savagely sexual wild man. (SGA)
Because Aiden Ford deserved better. (SGA)
Because Goliath showed up only to get killed. (Marvel: CW)
Because Vixen should have been more than the other woman. (JLU)
Because Carl Lumbly should be remembered for MANTIS.
Because Milestone Media deserved more love.
Because there should be more shows like Afro Saumrai
Because there should be more heroines like Jade and Juniper Lee.
Because Bianca Lawson tried out for the role of Cordelia Chase instead of Kendra. (BtVS)
Because Pete Ross drowned in a sea of nothingness (Smallville)
Because it can feel isolating among other journalers and bloggers.
Because it could encourage other People of Color to speak up more.
Because there are illustrators of color who don’t get to put faces like theirs on the front of a SF book.

Can you think of more reasons? I’m sure you can.

PoC SF Carnival: We Exist. And We Are Not Invisible

People of Colour SciFi Carnival. Go take a look and submit something if you so choose. It launches mid-June.

(can anyone tell me what a fen is? i’m thinking swamps and marshes and that can’t be right.)

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7 comments to “(Run off and join the) People of Colour Carnival”

  1. You’ve about got it right on what a fen is in that its a wet area. Thanks to the power of wikipedia, exactly what defines a fen is just a few clicks away: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fen

    As for your 4thletter entry.. I have no clue what you’re talking about, mang.

  2. flash fact: The above comment was tongue-in-cheek. I absolutely refuse to acknowledge fen as a pluralization of fan. You might say it fills me with nerd-rage.

  3. I figure a Carnival has more commentary.

  4. Ayode, you remain, as ever, the most lovable curmudgeon ever!

    Is #octagonrumble still around?

  5. Yeah its still there. Mostly its just me and Gavok bullshitting about comics these days. If you can, try to catch us late evenings (after 12 pm eastern or so) during the week.

  6. A little late to the party here (I’ve just discovered this site and am enjoying it greatly), but I thought I’d pipe in on the Carnival thing. It’s my understanding that a Carnival is kind of a rotating weekly “link roundup” on a certain topic with some commentary and a community dedicated to its upkeep, usually hosted on a blog relating to the same topic but which most of the week isn’t a linkblog. The original was “The Carnival of the Vanities,” which may be the best description of the Blogosphere ever.

  7. Stick around Zach, we’re glad to have you.

    Thanks for the info.