nah, son.

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Same dude that said this, for the record:

“While down at the shops, I saw a black guy with [Down syndrome]. Amazing, as this is something my friends and I had queried for years. Is DS genetically localized to Caucasians. Yes, I’m now about to waste 20 mins phoning a couple of my pals to say so, but now me appetite has been whet and I’m curious if there are any Chinese or Indian Downs Syndrome people out there. Given that Scotland is almost entirely white my chances of seeing one here are slim, but I’m certainly on the look out now.”

Since deleted off his forums, of course. I had to dig it, and a couple other choice bits, up a couple years ago when the ending of Kick Ass gave me a screwface. I’m sure you’ve seen his other comics that make being black into something exotic or terrible, yeah?

That’s mighty white of ya, Mark, but I think we’ll be okay. We can handle this one on our own, buddy. We’re good, really. Go on ahead and keep doing your thing. Over there. Go thataway.

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20 comments to “nah, son.”

  1. Spider-Man is black, what the fuck is he going on about anyway

  2. @Andy: Man I don’t think there’s a single better comment for this one, may as well lock this shit now

  3. Yeah, you’re not kidding. :damn:

  4. Is it: racist. Is it: rapists. Is it: bone-terrified of homosexuality. It is: Millarworld!

  5. There’s nothing more that needs to be said other than these two words: Black Hulk.

  6. Looks like I’m the only one (commenting) who doesn’t see that statement as offensive on its own.

  7. If you could see him as he typed that out, it’d be one of the few real life moments where you see dollar signs in someone’s eyes. That’s probably the only redeeming quality to Millar expressing the above interest.

  8. @West,

    Well, it’s mostly that the guy that gets all giddy about non-caucasian Down Syndrome is probably not the most qualified dude to bring a major black superhero to the masses.

    In any case, I don´t think anyone -including Millar- actually believes that he´s gonna come up with a ‘Top 10’ superhero. He’s just saying that a black character will be the star of his next book, in his usual hyperbolic way.

  9. Wait, who’s the biggest movie star in the world?

  10. @lascoden: In terms of profit it’s Samuel L Jackson

  11. Will Smith is who I imagine Millar is talking about. SLJ has been in more movies, but Smith is actually a box office draw.

  12. I’m sure if you really cornered Millar on his bullshit, he’d say he was really satirizing racism and turning fanboy’s own racism on its head, or something. And I think he’d be sincere. Because pathological liars are good at that.

  13. @david brothers: Ok, Will Smith makes sense. I think I had heard something like that somewhere else, now that I think about it. Man, since I was a kid, Will Smith has been one of my favorite actors, but he has been in some pretty crappy movies.

  14. Look, I think Millar is pigheaded and frankly, dumb, but, he is doing a lot to popularize the idea of creator owned books. While Grant Morrison is tip toeing between creator owned and copyrighted work, Millar is practically giving his all to his creator owned work. Yeah, he’s a total flim-flam man and a a marketing tool, but so was Stan Lee, and at least he’s getting his stuff out there. So yeah, Mark Millar Presents Super Tom will be trash, but at least it’s trash he owns, nah mean?

  15. What are some instances of racism, sexism, and homophobia in Millar’s comics? The only thing I’ve read of his was Nemesis and a little bit of Ultimate Comics: Avengers, and I definitely saw sexism in how he portrayed Carol Danvers, but I keep seeing these discussions and I just would like some examples for context.
    If this is too off topic, or too likely to derail everything, I apologize.

  16. @lascoden

  17. Black Spiderman and Black Hulk… I dunno… Black Superman, Black captain America…. they are substitutes, not the original creator’s intent. Will there be a White Black Panther?

    I agree with him about the top ten being white. It’s probably even the top 25.

    And if he does do racist content… it says something that HE would wanna start pushing non-white major characters.

  18. I remember a Ricky Gervais podcast in which a dumb, but unmalicious speaker mentioned that he’d never seen an Asian homeless person. Despite being concerned about the topic being broadcast across the country (/globe?) the co-hosts has to agree that they hadn’t seen one either. The conversation then revolved around what one “doesn’t see.”

    So, Guido may be right about Millar’s likelihood to create the Will Smith of superheroes (which, btw, is NOT Hancock) but I still think its worth considering what was said and what was said, in this case, was actually a just a guy from Scotland admitting how little local exposure he’s had to Black people…and his consequential ignorance.

    And fwiw, I don’t think I ever saw a Black person with DS until recent years. I was pretty surprised, too.

  19. Where in Scotland is Millar actually from? ‘Cos I know where I live in Edinburgh there’s a really good mix of races and nationalities.

  20. @Coleman: It says that he sees profit. That’s not enough, really.