“You can leave or live with it.” [Catherine]

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12 comments to ““You can leave or live with it.” [Catherine]”


  2. Pre-ordered so hard

  3. Really (and happily) surprised this seeing an American release. I mean, if certain news outlets find out about this…well it won’t end well. P3,P4, and Nocturne could sneak by with “controversial” themes since you actually had to play them to find them. Catharine isn’t hiding anything.

  4. @Jet: I don’t think Atlus’s games are as easy to court controversy with, in part because they tend to stick to age appropriate portrayals and in part because (honestly) nobody really plays them but a precious few. Atlus has been pumping out penis monsters and creepy games for what, ten years now? When did the first SMT make it over here? If there was going to be a controversy, it would’ve happened.

    And really, Fox News wouldn’t really care beyond a half hearted editorial, you know? “Japan is invading our shores with filth! Uh… that’s all we got.”

  5. For a moment I thought this was not going to get an American release; now I’m glad that I just bought an Xbox 360 (and this gives me hope that we may see a Persona 5 not only in PS3)

  6. *Will* buy if the 360 version is region-free (or we get a PAL announcement)… and there’s a “mute voices” option. Dual audio would be better, but I’ll settle for not having to listen to the Persona 4 English cast.

  7. @Flypaper:

    The Persona 4 English voice cast did a terrific job.

  8. @Patchworkearth: Yeah, so I’d heard. That’s why I gave them the benefit of the doubt and didn’t mute voices right from the start.

    Did you know that when you start a new game of Persona 4 you don’t get access to the Options menu (to switch the voices back off) for almost 40 minutes? I do. I counted every one of them.

  9. @david brothers: The first SMT game has never been released here!

  10. @Morgan: The first to make it over here, is what I meant. I know the first SMT to make it over here wasn’t the original, but we’ve had these for what, at least ten years now, right? A little more?

  11. @david brothers: My mistake! Anyways, you’re totally right. The first SMT game to come over relatively uncensored was Revelations: The Demon Slayer/Last Bible, which was released here in 1999, and the series has stayed mostly low-key! If any game were going to be controversial here, it would have been Devil Survivor or Strange Journey, which are the only games in English to have the capital-g God as a major player, to my knowledge.

    It’s funny, only the gaming press seems to make any sort of stink about religion and the SMT games.

  12. @Morgan: Yeah, it sort of puts me in mind of when people tout some unreleased thing as controversial, and then it comes out and no one cares, barring an AP report buried on page Z8 of your local paper. It’s an attempt to show that games matter in a way, like how comics fans can be so earnest about comics being for grown-ups or whatever.