Captain America #200: Jack Kirby Doin’ Work

March 1st, 2011 by | Tags: ,

Here’s some panels I liked from Jack Kirby’s Captain America 200:

No deep thoughts, no examinations… I just liked the way they looked and wanted to share them.

Related: here are some people at HiLoBrow talking about several more Kirby panels. It’s a fun read.

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2 comments to “Captain America #200: Jack Kirby Doin’ Work”

  1. I’m totally in love with the utter Kirbyistic purity of very last bit. In the space of a single panel Kirby manages to get in a wonderful humanism, a throwaway high-concept and a slight feeling of dread via the visuals, making you want to turn the page even more. The broken perspective helps with that too (seriously, look at that door! Falcon’s like 5ft from it but it somehow looks to be even a bit shorter than he is! And it has tiny steps!)

    Great choice David!

    And long live The King.

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