The Cipher 01/19/11: I lost my girl to the Rolling Stones

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get olga

created: We’re talking good comics strictly here.

-You should be reading Peter Milligan, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Simon Bisley, and Stefano Landini’s Hellblazer. Here, let me help you out–read this and then pick up Hellblazer 275 to see John get married.

B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs Hardcover Collection Volume 1 is a long title for a good book, and it’s got my first pull quote on the back, too. It’s credited to ComicsAlliance, but it’s my words. Go on ahead and buy that. You won’t regret it. Here’s the piece they quoted from.


consumed: When did I start liking video games again?

-More blogs from friends! 4l! reader Taters has a couple you should check out. In Continuity is her general comics blog, while UnMasquerade is a tumblr devoted to heroes unmasking.

-I started playing Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Tactics is my second favorite FF (after 7), but it’s the one I’ve played the most. I’ve probably put 300 hours into that stupid game since 1998, and I can tell that I’m already hooked on the PSP joint. It’s just exactly what I want out of a game–a little different each time, plenty to explore (in terms of abilities), and pretty much a puzzle game. What combinations work best? How much can I dominate out of sheer skill before I get TG Cid and roll over everything in the game?

-It’s funny, but I never beat a Final Fantasy after 7. No, that’s not true. I think I beat Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I came close with 9, and I played a lot of 10, but man, that story got super dumb toward the end. I played probably an hour of 12 before I got bored, I worked on 13 and wasn’t impressed so I just skipped it… I enjoyed my six or eight months playing FFXI more than most of the other Final Fantasy games, and I quit that game because it was work and I’d been bamboozled into thinking it was fun.

-All I play now is Rock Band, FFT, Persona 3, and NBA 2k11. Weird, isn’t it? I was completely different just a few years ago.

-I don’t usually buy singles, but I made an exception for Wiz Khalifa’s Black And Yellow. He’s put out a couple of ill mixtapes (Kush & Orange Juice and How Fly specifically), and since I don’t go to shows, the least I could do is kick him a dollar for a hot song.

-Killer Mike is one of the most interesting rappers out right now. He’s clearly studied Tupac, Ice Cube, Scarface, UGK, and a bunch of other cats who mixed their thug raps with real life issues and black empowerment. He keeps it honest, is what I’m saying, and I think that’s why I regularly bump his whole catalog. He drops an ill black power track every once and a while, too. There was that “Bad Day/Worst Day” remix with Ice Cube, and it’s semi-sequel “Pressure”, which also featured Cube. It’s just coincidence that these two feature Cube, but maybe not. They’re the ones that stick in my mind the most, cause Mike holds his own up against a rap legend. I mean, “Pressure” goes SO hard, man, from the beat to the lyrics to that Malcolm X excerpt at the beginning. The video is pretty crazy. His latest joint is called “Burn”, and yes, you guessed it: he goes all the way in from the first line on. He also puts the whole Johannes Mehserle situation on blast.

-It isn’t as strident, but “Grandma’s House” is fantastic, too. “My life dope?” “straight cocaine.”

-Gonna be nearly silent running next week here on 4l!. Light posting at best, linkbloggy type stuff, and comic excerpts. It’s so I can bang your head all throughout February without stressing myself out and Ustreaming a murder/suicide. I’ma show you how to do this, son.

tell her i’m very single

David: Hellblazer 275
Esther: Maybe Superman/Batman 80, but probably just Tiny Titans 36
Gavin: Green Lantern Corps 56, Deadpool MAX 4, Avengers Academy 8, Darkwing Duck 8

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6 comments to “The Cipher 01/19/11: I lost my girl to the Rolling Stones”

  1. Today was a pretty damn good day for comics, I thought.

  2. Never seen such a slim week for Gavin. I’ve considered getting a PSP partly for the FFT game, but also I think they are releasing a remade Tactics Ogre game on there, one which never made it over here (the UK) the first time around.

  3. Man, living in Pittsburgh right now, I am burning out on Black and Yellow real fast. Steelers on the playoff kick means that everybody from ironic hipsters to the most beer-soaked yinzer is bellowing it out. smh

  4. Dungeons & Dragons #3 for me.

    Videogame wise, been playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood & Little Big Planet 2.

    Finally found “real” employment, so put my 2 weeks notice in at the comic shop, can’t wait until I can actually afford to buy stuff again.

  5. I beat Kingdom Hearts: Re:Coded and Ghost Trick in the last week, and I’m playing Little Big Planet 2. Comics-wise, I just finished reading Powr Masters Vol. 1.

    I have FF’s VII, VIII, IX, and Tactics on the PS3, and I’ve been playing those and XII in very short bursts as research for a thing. Very short bursts, because I have a low tolerance for a lot of their nincompoopery as I’ve grown older. I love JRPG’s as a genre, obviously, but playing SMT games like Persona 3 and 4 has really shown me how glaring their faults can be.

    You know, as a big Kingdom Hearts fan, I find myself having to defend that (flawed) series a lot, but I actually think having to work under the Disney restraints has really helped rein Nomura & co. in, in a way that they’re not when they do FF-alone stuff. You look at something like Dissidia, which is a really fun game but the “Story” sequences are like a dentist’s drill to the eyesocket.

    I need a damned job, so I’m not thinking about these games so much all day.

  6. @Scott Clements: Yeah, that’s coming in… March, maybe? Soonish.

    @Neil: Congrats, man.

    @Patchworkearth: What’s this research project? You can throw me an email if you don’t want it public but still don’t mind sharing it privately.

    I got VII on PS3, too, and play it in bursts every few months. I’ll find myself on a weekend with very little writing to get done and throw it on for a few hours. I don’t think Aeris has even died on my save yet, and I bought that game when it came out a couple years back.