Superman/Batman #78

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Superman/Batman is a spotty book.  It veers in and out of continuity in the most over-the-top ways possible.  It pairs up two characters based pretty much entirely on their selling power.  It incorporates elseworlds, dreams, hallucinations, and retcons.  It hasn’t had a steady creative team in years.

I still love it, and issue #78 is the exact reason why I love it.  It’s written by Joe and Jack Kelly, and it’s about two little boys spinning out that old chestnut, “Who would win in a fight?”  That hasn’t been original in decades.  And the execution?  Deliberately juvenile, with Batman and Superman spouting words that only kids would say.

I love that, too.  The comic is just plain fun.  It’s entertaining.  It doesn’t throw in any misery.  And there’s a Kirby-writing-the-hairies feel to the way the Kellys write the kid’s dialog.  The comic is more fun than Batman Inc.  It’s much more fun than Batman: The Return.  It’s more fun than Power Girl.  And in the end, when the kids go home and it pans up to show the heroes listening in on them, you get the feeling that the heroes were having fun, too. 

And Superman would totally win.  Come on, people.

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7 comments to “Superman/Batman #78”

  1. That’s strange. I don’t remember editing the dialogue on that page.

  2. @Gavok: You’re sleep-editing.

  3. So this is not the original dialog? 🙁

  4. Engineered, I think they’re joking because it DOES read like some of Gavok’s parody work.

    I didn’t understand the context, at first, but I think I get it now. It doesn’t look like it’s for me, but I like what Esther likes about…if that makes any sense.

  5. Is it strange that I’m not a fan of Superman, and I’m not a fan of Batman, but I absolutely love Batman/Superman? I think it stems from my ignorance of DC continuity. It’s cartoony, over-the-top and it scratches the itch for bombastic tights-and-fights action. I think it works a lot better when it has McGuinness on art.

  6. Now that’s how you write a review!

  7. One can hope…