Pretty Girls Interlude: Dirty Pair

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Back in my day, which was the video rental era of anime in the mid to late ’90s, this was cutting edge animation:

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/dirtypair-trailer.mp4 /]

Dirty Pair is about as ’80s as it gets, like Lily C.A.T., Demon City Shinjuku, and poorly thought out gratuitous shower scenes. Right Stuf is releasing the DVDs of the tv show as Dirty Pair: The Original TV Series, Pt. 1 DVD Collection. I’ve seen the OVAs and Dirty Pair Flash, but not the tv show, so I’m a little tempted. I should do a thing on the anime I watched as a kid, shouldn’t I?

Adam Warren had a great run on the DP comics, but good luck finding them.

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3 comments to “Pretty Girls Interlude: Dirty Pair”

  1. I’ve only read Warren’s comics when I went on an “Adam Warren rules!” binge after one of your articles convinced me to read Empowered – is the anime as satirical as the comics? I have to admit, that intro is pretty neat.

  2. You gotta have blue hair!!!

    Sorry, had to be done.

  3. @Lugh – Warren’s comics couldn’t be more different from the anime…

    Also I have no problem finding Warren’s DP manga, I have v1-3 on my bookshelf and everything else in floppy form. (haw haw haw)

    I used to have the original Sim Hell in a b&w trade but lost it…