Wow. I might buy nothing this week.

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I’m imprecise when it comes to my comics habit.  I’ve grown out of buying one series all the time to be completist.  At this point I have neither the money nor the patience to do that.  Because of the twists and turns of the comics world, deaths and crossovers, I might have to drop any issue at any time.

I’m also imprecise about keeping up with comics news.  Occasionally, when I’m low on material, bored, or hear about an awesome e-fight, I might stop looking at pictures of cute animals online (or videos – I swear, watching a baby sea otter get bottle fed, a fawn coming in through a cat door, or a boxer puppy getting fed medicine and coughing at the taste will never, ever get old) and sluggishly navigate over to see it.  So it’s usually not until David prompts me that I lumber over to the DC website and figure out what I’m reading for the week.  This week, though, I got bored early and checked out the page. 

For those of you who are dying to hear about the process, my way of picking things out is simple.  I scan down the week’s releases on the comics page, making a note of what I want to read immediately.  Then I re-scan the page, opening up new tabs for so I can read the blurbs for the comics that I’m on the fence about.

Most of the time there are only one or two that I know I’ll buy, and three or four that I might buy but probably won’t.  This week there’s nothing.  Supergirl has been so all over the place, especially with the exasperating New Krypton storyline, that I don’t buy it.  Powergirl has not been a draw for me since it turned to gloom and putting a dead woman’s body on the cover doesn’t increase my interest.  Wally’s my Flash.  Arsenal is usually a good character for me, but that’s because he was a good-natured happy guy who was also a father.  Now he’s none of those things, so he holds no interest for me.  The only thing I might get is Superman/Batman, and unfortunately it’s undergoing baffling timing.  It’s a story about Dick taking on the role of Batman and Superman possibly blocking his way – a year after it happened.  And I’m pretty sure they’ve already had a DickBatman, ClarkSuperman team up in that very book before.  Why would they have a conflict storyline now?  That’s just bizarre.

Maybe I’ll get a trade or something.

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6 comments to “Wow. I might buy nothing this week.”

  1. Join the trade-waiters! Sure, we never get to talk about comics with our friends because we’re six to twelve months behind in our reading, but it’s cheape! And trades display so nicely on a bookshelf!

  2. Er..buy something that isn’t DC super-heroes I guess? I mean even just limiting to super-hero comics I’d still have three pulls this week. Dynamo 5: Sins of the Father, Avengers Academy and Darkwing Duck. Though I am with you in that very little of DC’s capes line appeals to me currently…

  3. I’m enjoying the current Flash book, and I didn’t like the idea of Barry coming back at all. But Manapul’s art is great, Johns is bringing his A-game unlike in Brightest Day, and there are cops from the future dressed as the Rogues. And the part where Barry speed-reads his way through architecture lessons in five seconds and rebuilds a collapsed apartment. SPEED TRICKS.

  4. I’m with Lurker. I’m getting nothing from DC this week either, but there’s definitely some good Marvel stuff coming out – Secret Avengers and Avengers Academy being the picks of the week for me

  5. Weeks without books usually end up with me buying the next trade in a series I’ve already started, buying the first trade in a new series, or grabbing back issues to fill holes in titles. I’ve started Hitman, Starman, The Goon, and Cerebus thanks to weeks with no releases. So much for saving money by cutting back on weeklies… Avengers Prime, Fables, The Boys, and Darkwing Duck are pretty much all I pick up anymore, so empty weeks are becoming more common.

  6. Esther, may I recommend the latest “Treehouse of Terror” (or whatever it’s called) anthology? Lead story is written and drawn by Evan Dorkin, who can do very little wrong.