Mortal Kombat Rebirth?

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This is already better than any Mortal Kombat game that exists.

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21 comments to “Mortal Kombat Rebirth?”

  1. Man. I hope this turns out to be an actual film, because making him the protagonist is a wonderful idea and if the movie could be even half as good as this trailer promises, it’d be a crapload of fun. But I guess it could just as easily be a bit of publicity for a new game. A really, really high budget bit of publicity. Who knows.

  2. Did anybody ever like Liu Kang, I always found him to be so damn dull.

  3. Even in a Reboot Universe, Johnny Cage is still the offical MK whipping boy.

  4. Woah, hey… according to Chud.com, this might actually be what it looks like!
    If that’s true, and I’m still skeptical, I find myself surprisingly enthusiastic.

  5. Re: The CHUD link:

    “What do you think? Do you like a grimmer and grittier take on the game?”

    How in the hell do you get grimmer and grittier than Mortal Kombat?

  6. For all it’s blood and grimness MK always felt pretty dayglo… “Gritty” might actually be a new direction.

  7. This direction Reminds me of what Sony did with Twisted Metal Black. And the Batman Movie Reboot.

  8. “Did anybody ever like Liu Kang”
    Liu Kang’s appeal lasts roughly twenty seconds, which is around the length of time it takes for the gibberish sounds he makes to go from funny to annoying.

  9. I’m skeptical. Making Mortal Kombat genuinely gritty is one thing, but taking away the supernatural elements is gutting the core of the universe. Even with good acting and writing, I don’t think I’d want to see this MK movie.

  10. Mortal Kombat: Noir… only in the present.

    Whatever it is, I’m down with the plan.

  11. I have no idea what I just saw, but I WANT TO SEE MORE.

  12. According to Jax, Baraka’s knowledge of scientific biological transmogrifications is only outmatched by his zest for kung-fu treachery.

  13. “According to Jax, Baraka’s knowledge of scientific biological transmogrifications is only outmatched by his zest for kung-fu treachery.”

    This sentence makes me unreasonably happy.

  14. @Gavok:

    That makes sense. The original movie was shot on Kung-Fu Island after all.




  17. @Gavok:

    But Jax, I sell drugs! To the community!

  18. I watch the preview of rebirth that was horrible i cant believe they trying to pitch that to the studio. it would of been cool if they kept the flow of the game and not make stuff up because they trying to turm something the whole game is not. they could of did a better dtory to show how shoa khan into power and how kung loa won the championship and show how sub zero killed the original human scorpion . Please scrap that idea and go back to the what we know not this because if that version comes out it will flop. Badly keep the long good fight scene with.the good fatalities not that one hit crappy ending

  19. @Jordan: I think this could shape up to be the dark, gore-fest that Mortal Kombat was always destined to be. Yes, it seems to stray a little from the original story-line, but the story was never the real draw. The real draw was the in your face gratuitous violence. Now with what seems to be a truly workable story-line, this movie has serious potential (as long as they give it an R rating and pump up the fight scenes to mirror those of the games. The technology is finally here to make this rendition correctly. If it gets picked up, I hope they get it right.

  20. This movie trailer is garbage. All the creators of this movie have managed to do, is try to reapproach the Mortal Kombat Universe in an illconceived plotline that makes us remember the main characters of MK without ever being able to appreciate why we fell in love with them anyway. Scorpion, Subzero, and Reptile were NINJAS in suites shooting fire and ice and a slew of other crazy stuff at each other while having awesome fights. Baraka was a subterranean subhuman/demon from outworld with blades and a freaky attitude, not a white rostefarian “transmographier” with bad teeth. The premise is ridiculous. They took good actors, a bad script, a horrible retelling and made a movie that not only will be insulting to the fan base, but boring on obvious accounts for people who know nothing about Mortal Kombat. This happens every time you try to rethink something that is already good. If they wanted to make MK better then they should stick an R rating on the script, shows massively gorey fatalities, pool fans for their favorite characters and have fights worthy of the martial arts community with supernatural powers steeped in real demonic and holistic arts. The movie studio who approved this movie should plan on losing a lot of money.

  21. I wonder if the harlequin babies footage is some sort of the stock-movie they bought, or whether it was just grabbed somewhere, without even caring about copyrights. But perhaps it’s public domain. I’d be a bit shocked if it was sold with the copyright holders knowing the purpose of the film. I find disturbing that they use actual footage of babies that are about to die of this horrible disease as self promotion. Even if it’s properly paid for, or public domain. This is the sort of thing that should be presented only in documentaries, not entertainment. 😡