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-Over at ComicsAlliance, I’ve got a pretty good idea on what major Marvel comic Charlie Huston’s gonna be writing later this year.

While “Deathlok” is currently being serialized, Huston doesn’t have any announced work coming out of Marvel’s stables. Until now, that is, as he spilled the beans on a few projects on his site on Thursday. Longtime readers will know that he’s written a year’s worth of stories on a major Marvel series which should debut this fall, but he also revealed that he’s doing a two issue story “about a guy who never misses [his] mark.”

-And at Tucker’s spot, I talk a little bit about How to Make It In America and Archer.

How to Make It In America is, at least theoretically, about Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon getting off their butts and making something of themselves. Now that they’re pushing 30, they’re gonna strike it rich, or at least solvent, by creating a new line of jeans. Along the way, they’ll have to negotiate with Cam’s menacing cousin Rene, played by an aging but still talented Luis Guzman, coordinate with one of Ben’s rich friends, and fight against everyone who is telling them that they can’t do their thing. And then, in the end, they’ll win. They’ll stick to their guns, believe in each other, and their jeans will be the talk of New York City.

-Archer’s last episode for a while aired last Thursday, and whooo. It was something else. Vile, obscene, disturbing, hilarious.

-David Welsh on the appeal of One Piece:

One observation that really caught my ear was about Oda’s world building and his willingness to plant tiny, seemingly irrelevant narrative seeds that come to full flower later, sometimes much later. Natsuki Takaya did this all the time in Fruits Basket (Tokyopop), turning seemingly oblique observations and sideways glances from volume two into searing heartbreak in, say, volume nine. It’s quite a skill, that kind of callback work, and it displays a great deal of confidence on the part of the creator that they’ll be able to tell their story according to plan.

-Esther writes about five ways you probably wouldn’t die in a vacuum at io9, and it is good:

Because a vacuum does not carry sound very well, you would not be able to hear the many, many alveoli in your lungs pop like bubble wrap under a child’s fingers, but don’t tell me that you wouldn’t imagine it.

-Judd Winick and Sami Basri are taking over Power Girl as of issue 13. Coincidentally, I have three extra dollars to spend a month now.

-Dave Johnson talks about his first cover for Abe Sapien: The Abyssal Plain.

-I haven’t talked about BPRD on here at all, I don’t think, but please believe that it has better than every single comic put out by mainline Marvel or DC for the past four or five years. Maybe All-Star Superman stacks up, maybe.

-Cheryl Lynn has a line on the hottest new t-shirt of the spring.

Treme, the new show from David Simon and others, is gonna be a problem.

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10 comments to “Monday Moaning Linkblogging”

  1. BPRD is a great title, surpassed Hellboy imho a while back.

    Interesting article Esther wrote, was always curious.

    and on PG, yeah I’m gonna be dropping that too, I’ll probably skim it on the rack though to see how it connects with Lost Generation (Giffen returning to JLI is something no human can bad mouth, Winick nonwithstanding)

  2. Winick isn’t too terrible, I’m still willing to give Power Girl a chance. Besides, from what I’ve seen of Sami Basri, dude’s work looks pretty damn good. Not Amanda Conner, but suitable.

  3. @Debaser: Oh I agree, I’ll be putting down cash for Red Hood: Lost Days when it comes out myself.

    But what has Basri done aside from those Shield covers?

  4. @Nathan: http://comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=3311&disp=table


    I haven’t read Fallout Toy Works, but these are some damn fine preview pages.

  5. Treme, the new show from David Simon and others, is gonna be a problem.

    I don’t understand this sentence.

  6. @clay: A problem is something undeniable, something that demands attention. Either you handle it or you pay for it in the end.

  7. Ah.


    It’s good in this context?

  8. @clay: Better than good, perhaps even… the best.

  9. So, in other words, when my free HBO runs out, I am gonna have to start paying for it instead of just dropping it…huh?

  10. @Debaser: ok?