Solanin Movie Trailer Released

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I saw on twitter a minute ago that the trailer for the film adaptation of Inio Asano’s solanin came out. It’s all in Japanese, and I’m pretty sure it blows something that was supposed to be a surprise, but check it out:

The casting looks really good. Kato is dead on, and while Meiko is substantially less freckled than her comic counterpart, but she looks good. The bit with her and the knit cap– that’s cool, totally true to the book. Their circle of friends looks pretty good, too.

Doesn’t this look like the perfect 20-something movie? A bunch of attractive post-college kids working out their issues and forming a rock band. It looks universal, like people of any culture could get into it.

I reviewed solanin a while back and really enjoyed it.

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5 comments to “Solanin Movie Trailer Released”

  1. It’s very strange that in googling Solanin there seem to be entire issues uploaded online for free. It looks pretty cool, I’ll see how it looks on my phone the way home from work.

    Although getting to the point you’re making I don’t understand why manga can really be about anything at all and sell in the zillions in Japan while in America it’s considered to be a very weird specialty market.

  2. @one zen bullet: its those big ol’ Tezuka eyes and Toriyama hair. they’ve poisoned people’s perception.

    but that seems to be changing.

  3. Looks awesome, now we need a Punpun movie!

  4. i just read the manga and i can’t wait to see it the cast looks like they do in book

  5. i’m really waiting for this movie to come out and hopefully it would have subs in it. That’s Aoi Miyazaki as Meiko. She has a LOT of freckles but i think they toned it down for the movie. they shouldn’t have ne?
    the story line of Solanin is a hit on the gut for people who are in their early 20’s. i love it.