Klock On the Lameness of the Mainstream

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Geoff Klock has a bit on the Callahan/Nevett Splash Page I mentioned and briefly remarked on yesterday.

Between the ages of 15 and 20 I read all the X-Men books for five years — right after Claremont left: Age of Apocalypse, and Generation X and Onslaught, and Stryfe. Then I matured by moving beyond the brand and to the writers. I was in a new decade and the shift made sense. Suddenly I did not care who the hero was: I wanted Morrison's JLA, Miller's Batman and anything by Alan Moore. And I just couldn't invest in the X-Men like I used to.

Good reading. I’m going to have to move my response up a bit, I think, because suddenly it is relevant!

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3 comments to “Klock On the Lameness of the Mainstream”

  1. oh god that FO article was hilarious

  2. While well-done articles I find myself wondering, why should I care? So mainstream (i.e. Marvel/DC) super-heroes aren’t going anywhere. The days when those were my only options for the genre are long past. Dark Horse, Image, the eighteen various small publishers Warren Ellis publishes with. I want capes & tights I’ve got plenty of places to go. Plus thats not even looking at webcomics…

    And if I really, really, REALLY need a fix of Batman, Spider-Man or the like, well there are plenty of new and old sources for them that have no connection to Big Two Crisis Event comics…

  3. I agree with somethings and not on others. I’m close to the same age as Klock (I turn 30 in april of twenty ten) but I have a very different view on stuff. I never want to see Miller on Batman again is one thing. And probably what I think is fresh wouldn’t work for him.

    But I’ve been skewed by reading a TON of Shonen manga, and be that its comics for 12 year old, Super Hero books need to start sampling like Puffy in ’95.