Garth Ennis may hate superheroes…

November 3rd, 2009 by | Tags: , , ,

but he writes the best Superman this side of Grant Morrison.


From JLA/Hitman, a two-issue miniseries that came out a couple years back. Words by Ennis, art by McCrea. DC, get to trading the rest of Hitman asap and include this, thanks.

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7 comments to “Garth Ennis may hate superheroes…”

  1. A little too sentimental for me, I have to say, and nowhere near as good as the issue of Hitman where he actually does write the second-best Superman ever.

  2. I always did love that sequence. On its own, it brings a tear to my eye.

  3. Outside of Hitman has he written anything else with Superman in it?

  4. @Matt Jett: it was a situation that called for sentiment. but yeah “of thee I sing” was a great issue.

    @LurkerWithout: he did a story in a Superman 80 page giant, where he was giving Sixpack pointers on how to be a hero (ie. not using broken beer bottles to stab people)

  5. Ennis writes a great Superman, absolutely.

    I wonder why, despite all of his dislike of superheroes, Ennis still has this soft spot for Superman. Perhaps Superman, as this unstoppable force of goodness, love, and hope, bypasses all of his cynicism. Perhaps it has to do with Superman being the ultimate emigrant (emigration being a theme Ennis keeps coming back to). Or perhaps it’s related to Superman’s status as an American icon and how he’s a representation of America (I remember Warren Ellis at some point writing something like: “I write about America because it fascinates me, while Garth writes about America because he loves it” (quoted from memory, so probably not 100% correct)).

    @Matt Jett: “A little too sentimental for me, I have to say,”

    Well, yeah, it is. But like Ennis wrote in one of his issues of Hellblazer (issue 76, one of his best): “I’m Irish … I’m allowed to be sentimental.”

  6. I think Superman has the advantage over most superheroes in that he’s genuinely iconic, that is he actually represents something, or several things. Which is probably what Ennis responds to.

    He actually has a similar attitude to Wonder Woman too.
    “Well, Wonder Woman is a character I think I could probably do because I have a certain amount of respect, if not for the character, than for the idea behind her. I don’t think much of the Superman books at the minute, but I like the idea of Superman. He’s in Hitman soon, and I’m sure people think he’s going to be vomited on or ridiculed like Green Lantern. But no, not at all, it’s a respectful piece. ”

    The rest of the interview’s can be found just bellow. It’s quite old though, from 1998.

  7. @versasovantare: Holy cats, I’d love to read Ennis’s Wonder Woman. He’s only danced around her before as far as I know, in JLA/Hitman she just got a few lines, but that would be REALLY interesting.