A Very 4thletter! Halloween

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I usually never dress up for Halloween- didn’t as a kid, had no interest in it as an adult. This year, though, I was shanghai’d into it by Ron Richards of iFanboy and James Sime of Isotope. So, you know, I put on a costume. It wasn’t my fault, they would’ve killed me.


Esther, however, actually enjoys Halloween. She was supposed to come over to record an episode of the Fourcast! this past Saturday. Imagine my surprise when I opened my door and saw, not Esther, but Clark Kent! And in the process of changing to Superman, no less!

Later, I went to a party. While there, I saw not just Superman, but Superman hanging out with The Shade! And wait, Han Solo was around, too? Luckily, Chunk Kelly was on hand to photograph both the teamup of three titans and dynamic duo.

My buddy Star St. Germain also had a pretty awesome costume. We somehow managed to see each other once the whole night, so no pics of us together.

If you got costumes, let’s see ’em.

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9 comments to “A Very 4thletter! Halloween”

  1. I was Clark Kent, too!
    I wore a Batman shirt under the Superman shirt, because, deep down, everyone wants to be Batman.

  2. awesome Nick Fury…I saw your post about shaving your head, and I was like, “hmm, that’s a cool look, I guess”…I had no idea you were Furying out.

  3. been a while since I hit Isotope, is James still sporting the Eraserhead do? also what did he come as?

  4. Also stormantic lied to me, he told me he was coming as Star Sapphire Carol Ferris. >_>

  5. I didn’t get to dress up this year, unfortunately. Had to go to a wedding. But since I never did post it on 4L, here’s my costume from last year:

  6. That Superman is so legit that he’s charging up his heat vision.

  7. next year I’m going as ‘guy who has fallen in love with Velma St. Germain’

  8. also, shade is ayn rand.

  9. @Gavok: That is awesome. AWESOME.