APE is This Weekend

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The Alternative Press Expo is October 17-18 here in San Francisco. I’m going to be attending, because why not, you know? but alt comics are still not quite my bag. I’ve got manga, crime, and superheroes on lock, but I don’t know my Jeffrey Browns from my Chris Wares from my Kevin Huizengas.

What do I need to look out for? What’s worth picking up? Who should I see?

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8 comments to “APE is This Weekend”

  1. I’d go see all the guests. I’m familiar with Dean Haspiel, (a frequent Harvey Pekar collaborator and I think he’s done a handful of superhero stuff too. The Alcoholic from Vertigo was drawn by him as well) Batton Lash, (the Supernatural Law comics) Dash Shaw, (Bottomless Belly Button, BodyWorld, and hey he contributed the hilarious Dr. Strange strip to Strange Tales) and Jeff Smith (Bone!) but I’m sure the others are great talents as well.

    Do you want a “indie comics primer” or are you looking for a grab bag of random suggestions?

  2. @Lugh: Either or. I’m flexible. I know the basics just by being around comics and people who read them, but suggestions are always fun.

  3. Look for Nate Powell’s “Swallow Me Whole”. It’s perhaps one of the most intelligent and moving graphic novels on mental disability since David B.’s “Epileptic”.

  4. I think I may have read that Kate Beaton’s going to be there. Her work is hilarious and awesome.

  5. David, I second any recommendations for Nate Powell’s work. May I also suggest anything from Sparkplug Comics, Reich by Elijah Brubaker, Bookhunter by Jason Shiga, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less by Sarah Glidden, and ESPECIALLY Trevor Alixopulos’ work – namely The Hot Breath of War or Mine Tonight, which is a nice gateway since you dig crime books.

  6. Oh, also Robert Crumb recently released his completely illustrated Old Testament, so he may be signing copies of that.

  7. Prison Pit.

  8. See if you can find some P. Craig Russell stuff. If you like opera, his adaptions of the Magic Flute, Pagliacci, etc are wonderful, although his magnum opus is probably the two volume adaption of Ring of Nibelung. I still can’t find a copy of the second half.