Gentlemen, this has been a triumph.

August 17th, 2009 by | Tags: , , , ,

The staff at Tucker Stone’s The Factual Opinion went on vacation last week, so he called in a few favors for his Comics of the Weak column. Who showed up? Let’s see…

How’s Joe McCulloch, Tim O’Neil, Timothy Callahan, Sean Witzke, Noah Berlatsky, Matthew Brady, Chris Mautner, and yours truly sound?

If this volume of Comics of the Weak was a rap song, it’d be Triumph and I’d be Raekwon. “Ayo, that’s amazing, gun in your mouth talk…”

Go and read.

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5 comments to “Gentlemen, this has been a triumph.”

  1. Brady is Inspectah Deck. Jog is Gza doing the best verse of his career and I come in and kill it with “yo fuck that”.

  2. Complete agreement about Supergirl!

  3. I have no problem whatsoever being Inspectah Deck, his lead-off verse has always been one of my all-time favorite lyrics.

  4. I guess we all want to be Inspectah Deck, but if I have to I can be Meth.

  5. one guy counts as a staff?