Call me the Weatherman, ’cause I’ve got a Fourcast

May 22nd, 2009 by | Tags: ,

So, say if we wanted to start a 4l! podcast. What would you folks like to hear us talk about? Any segments you’d love to hear? Want to hear us read viewer mail? Want to send us viewer mail?

Let us know. Email me if you’re shy!

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6 comments to “Call me the Weatherman, ’cause I’ve got a Fourcast”

  1. Herogasm and that philly sound

  2. Hip hop, comics, and Venom, the same reason as why I read the print version.

  3. I just hope Gavok’s voice is as handsome as his writing. ~<3

  4. =/ – I liked this idea better when it was funnybook babylon.

    Knowing that Gavok cannot communicate with mortals through audio waves, I figure it’ll be you and Esther? If so, Battle for the Cowl.

  5. I’ll find a way. Time zones can’t keep me tangled.

  6. Venom, Batman, the Wu-Tang Clan and Wrestling. Nothing else. Preferably Venom/Batman vs. Wu-Tang Clan Cage Matches…