Buenas Noches!

October 8th, 2008 by |

I’d be blogging, but I’m in Tokyo right now, getting my Lupe Fiasco on. I leave you in Gavin and Esther’s very capable hands for the next week or so.

I am taking suggestions for things to buy, however. The only thing I have planned is to hit the BAPE store and find a bookstore that carries art books. What’s on must-read or must-have status these days?

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6 comments to “Buenas Noches!”

  1. shonky porno trading cards and insane flavours of candy.

  2. Get me some street fighter art books.

  3. You should hit up atmos-tokyo for some sneaks.

  4. If it was me, I’d probably try to find some Spider-Man J or maybe Batman: Child of Dreams. Or I might grab a Devilman figure while there and an Etrigan when I got back. Definitely some kinda figure/model.

  5. Hit up the greek restaurant in Harajuku, the waitress is cute and speaks english, or did when I was there last year.

    Also go to the sushi restaurants at the harbour.

    Annd find a CoCo Curry restaurant, they are too awesome for words.

  6. @Matt: Arrrrgh i was gonna try to avoid doing that but now you’ve done it >:|

    @Pedro Tejeda: Oh no doubt about that. Also probably some Metal Gear Solid jawns.

    I have managed to spend exactly 1000 yen so far, so I’m doing well.