Percy “MF Grimm” Carey x GZA

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Complex Blog » Percy Carey Talks Comics With GZA

Percy Carey: Any final thoughts about comics and the importance they hold?

GZA: Growing up, I read comics all the time. They’re great inspiration; they can show you the world is full of possibilities. Now, my son reads comics, and it’s something that we can share. It’s really a good feeling being able to share something like that with him, and now working on doing my own, it’s really cool to give back to that world.

Weekly column by MF Grimm!

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One comment to “Percy “MF Grimm” Carey x GZA”

  1. GZA wouldn’t have been the Wu member I’d have expected to see talking about comics but I guess it was a big influence on all of them. When I was a junior high kid, it was my love of comics and larger than life characters that got me into being a Wu fanatic and a hip-hop enthusiast. Rap eventually helped get me back into comics after college.