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IGN: From Comics to Screen: Marvel’s Babes

(Nevermind the fact that most of these fictional ladies were created by sex-starved geeks, who imagined such busty and scantily clad female characters from either their mother’s basement, or a studio filled with other similarly sexually deprived male artists.)

Sue Storm: created by Stan Lee (married since 1947) and Jack Kirby (married since 1942)
Mystique: created by Dave Cockrum (married)
Jean Grey: created by Stan Lee (married since 1947) and Jack Kirby (married since 1942)
Mary Jane: created by Stan Lee (married since 1947) and John Romita Sr (his son JRjr was born 08/1956)
Elektra: created by Frank Miller (married to Lynn Varley in the ’80s, divorced now)
Rogue: created by Chris Claremont (has a wife and kids) and Michael Golden (can’t find any info on him)
Storm: created by Len Wein (married twice) and Dave Cockrum (married)

Sex-starved geeks? Sexually deprived?

Characters that were “busty and scantily clad” upon creation: 1 (and that’s Elektra, which is being a little generous.)
Characters created in someone’s mother’s basement: 0
Number of worthwhile articles on IGN.com, period: 0

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8 comments to “Dear IGN”

  1. The DC one fails on even the level of being a sad excuse to show sexy ladies, since it doesn’t feature one of the Adam West Batman’s Catwoman. Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt alone. It’s pretty much Smallville has very hot babes.

  2. Storm was somewhat scantily clad when she first appeared. It was still more than Elektra wears, though.

    But yeah, it’s a horrible argument. It’s not like I expect much from IGN.

  3. Not only are they wrong (as they so often are), they’re amazingly hypocritical as well. Isn’t IGN responsible for more than one “hottest comic book babe” list?

  4. While many of these creators were technically “fan boys” they were also professional writers and artists. I’d have to disagree with much of that article as none of those characters were created post 90’s. What the article would have been more successful at is noting the transition from standard comic book ‘Good Girl’ art to the cosmetic changes the characters went through because of the 90s market forces, when character attitudes and appearance was upgraded for nothing more than titillation and sexy cover art.

    Rogue was originally portrayed as an older woman, by the way, which fit in perfectly of the geriatric trinity of Mystique and Destiny.

  5. Yeah, Hoatzin, IGN’s pretty notorious for various comic “lists.” Uh, getting at what you asked (rhetorically or not), my old neighbor in the barracks would constantly bring them up in our conversation on funny books. Actually reading the articles and their reasoning brought similar, hurtful stuff up much in the line of “sex-starved geeks.” The articles all screamed “We’re checking the content block” as loud as can be. I wonder what goes through the head of the guys who write stuff like that, because “I’m too cool” for this stuff just boggles me.

  6. Total uselessness of IGN Network: Confirmed.

  7. See this article and more in David Brothers’ Greatest Sonnings #1! On stands Wednesday!

  8. Remember, you can’t spell ignorant cock wrangler without IGN