Black History Month 01: A Man Is Just A Man

February 1st, 2008 by | Tags: , , , ,

jh01.jpg jh02.jpg jh03.jpgjh04.jpgjh05.jpg jh05b.jpg jh06.jpg
from dc comics’s new frontier, art and words by darwyn cooke

John Henry told the Captain
That a man is just a man,
And I swear by all that’s right and wrong
I’ll kill you where you stand

Can I do 29 of these a month? Who knows. I bring the food for thought, you do the dishes and think it over.

John Henry meets Nat Turner.

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4 comments to “Black History Month 01: A Man Is Just A Man”

  1. These pages still send a chill down my spine. I really really want a John Henry Action Figure.

  2. If you can pull it off, kudos to you. My inability to complete my Black History Month event last year is probably my greatest source of blog-shame.

  3. Great stuff.

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