Movin’ On Up

July 28th, 2007 by | Tags:

Got bored of the old site design, working on something new!

Pardon the dust. We should be ready maybe Saturday afternoon if I don’t break anything.

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8 comments to “Movin’ On Up”

  1. Well…its very…um…black. Yep. Very black.

  2. I’ve been playing with the CSS a bit, trying to see what color works best for links.

    The banners will still rotate, just need to get them converted and all. Got a lot of stuff to do, but it’s pushing 4am and I need to hit the sack!

  3. It is very black, but I like it. Kind of like, edgy, and clean looking y’know?

  4. Man, i hate this design.

  5. The site header graphics are all artifact-y.

  6. The artifacts should be gone now. The images were being resized on the fly depending on the size of your browser window. I’ve got the sizes hard locked now, though.

  7. Yeah, that’s much better.

  8. it’ll take some getting used to after the really classic blog look of the old site . . . but really no biggie