Spider-Man 4: Rise of the Silver Sable

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I just got back from Spider-Man 3. Brief, spoiler free review:

I spent eight bucks on it and left the theater satisfied. I didn’t find it cluttered at all, though a few subplots were spaced out a little too far. It was a long flick, though, so I kind of understand.

Couple quick spoilers behind the tag–

-They did the scene from the end of Spec Spidey 200, though slightly altered! I was hoping for a “You’re my best friend, Pete,” and they got pretty close!
-Stan Lee got a “’nuff said” in.
-JJJ stole the show, as usual.
-Topher Grace wasn’t a great actor, but he worked the role well. He was sleazy!

Actual comments later, I figure, for it is nearly three in the a m. suffice to say that it was probably not as good as Spidey 2, but still a worthy member of the trilogy. It was one part guilt, one part soap opera, and one part action, just like all the good Spidey stories.

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3 comments to “Spider-Man 4: Rise of the Silver Sable”

  1. I liked it. In my opinion, it was comparable to or better than Spidey 2.

  2. For curiosity sake, just what was the Spec Spidey scene?

  3. rotorblade, got you covered. Click here and check out the new post for the last few pages of that issue.