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Note: articles marked with the Unstoppable Juggernaut are suggested reading. I mean, you should be reading every single one of these articles, but I’ve been told this way is more fair.

Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk every time he gets angry. David Brothers turns into the Hulk every time he gets the song “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” stuck in his head.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (11/29/05)
hermanos restarts 4th Letter by discussing some quick thoughts on Bruce Wayne.

Spider-Spotlight 01 – Jenkins/Ramos (1/2/06)
With funky art, Norman Osborn explains to Peter that he was once going to call himself Mister Coffee. hermanos says this is a good thing.

Batman Should be Dark (3/9/06)
Batman shouldn’t be a jerk, but he should totally be written as a terrifying force of nature.

Comics with SCIENCE! Runaways – The Good Die Young (5/2/06)
A look at the first volume of Chase and Gert’s Excellent Adventure.

All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder: How Cool is That? (6/22/06)
hermanos, the fool he is, thinks there’s quality to be found in Miller’s latest foray into the Dark Knight. But hey, at least the article led to a real-life conversation with fellow blogger Geoff Klock.

X-Men Dream Team (6/30/06)
Our man discusses what kind of X-Men teams and spin-offs he’d roster up if he had the chance. Strangely, only one team has Wolverine on it.

Pride of the Panther: Top 5 Black Men (7/10/06)
A list of the top five best black comic characters, as written by one of the top five best black 4th Letter writers. Special appearance by writer Mat Johnson in the comments section.

Faster Than a Speeding… (7/23/06)
There are different ways to idealize Superman. Collect them all!

By Any Means (8/2/06)
Magneto and Malcolm X are not kindred spirits, all right? Stop saying they are.

Dated 90’s Reference hoooooo! (8/9/06)
hermanos coats an article with Gambit talk to trick us into reading about his purchasing plans for the week.

Out of the Past (8/17/06)
Talk of current events, capped off with a rocking Batman vs. Slam Bradley fight.

Cool Comics Love-In (8/28/06)
hermanos likes Wolverine, especially when he’s slugging Scott Summers in the mush.

Flash Fact: JLA #89 (9/3/06)
Wally West punching you in the face is a fantastic science.

Young Avengers, and Why I Can’t Relate (9/13/06)
hermanos seems to think that Patriot is just a little too flawed to be leading the team.

Spider-Man: No Laughing Matters (9/27/06)
hermanos reminisces about a time Peter Parker went out of his radioactive mind and just called himself the Spider.

Shameful Secrets (10/28/06)
The shiny kids versions of the Marvel cast sure are freaky. Special art appearance by Rustym.

Flash Fact: Absolute Cool (11/18/06)
Looking through his copy of Absolute New Frontier, hermanos likes that time Barry Allen messed up Eskimo Grant Morrison’s evil plan.

One Year of 4l! or Weapons of Mass Destruction + 112 (11/29/06)
Holy crap, the site’s been around for an entire year? Alert the Commissioner!

The Origin of Hal Jordan (12/3/06)
When hermanos read his first introduction to the marquee Green Lantern, he wasn’t impressed.

Pre-Crisis 4l: Great Leap Forward (12/22/06)
A repost of hermanos’ first post from the old prototype version of 4th Letter from back in the day.

Joe Questrawman (12/27/06)
Some reactions to something Quesada said about comparing DC and Marvel.

She Got That Good Hair: Top 3 Black Women! (1/12/07)
Originally it was going to be the top five, but that suggests that there are at least five decent black female comic characters.

It’s a Thin Line (1/29/07)
hermanos isn’t so big on Oliver Queen. Here’s why.

It’s a Major Disaster area, baby! (1/30/07)
hermanos is very big on Paul Booker. Here’s why.

Pre-Crisis 4l: Seaguy #1 and Why I Suck (2/13/07)
An old essay hermanos wrote about the first issue of Morrison’s silly story of chaos and order.

You’re a Wonder, Woman (2/15/07)
“Nerd blind spots” and how it factors into hermanos’ view of Diana Prince.

Real Talk: Supreme Power’s Nighthawk (2/17/07)
A brilliant black comic character is acting like an intolerant dumbass. hermanos is pissed.

New York Comic-con: Day 1 (2/24/07)
The 4L crew got together. hermanos’ take on the first day, including pictures of what some of us actually look like! :O

NYCC02 Miscellany (2/25/07)
The adventure continues…

New York State of Mind (2/27/07)
hermanos’ thoughts on the NYCC Black Panel, among other things.

Blokhedz: Keeping It (Magical) Real(ism) (3/6/07)
A profession of love for a comic you may not have heard of.

Gotta Have Heart (3/8/07)
The sad truth is, hermanos doesn’t really have as much love for Alan Moore as the rest of the comic reading community.

Fantastic Four: The End (3/9/07)
Despite Iron Man’s creepy smile, the first optimistic The End title is a fun ride.

Hot Buttons (3/15/07)
Writing comics about black people can be tricky at times. Plus sometimes, black people just know other black people.

“Hip-hop and comics books were my genesis” (3/20/07)
hermanos touching on how most black characters in comics are relegated as “protest characters”.

Is ALLnow Love (3/25/07)
Remembering the good times of Morrison’s New X-Men and how he wrote its psychic ladies

Five Reasons (3/26/07)
Why does hermanos blog, anyway? Check the comments to see why Gavok blogs.

Civil War: The Confession (3/31/07)
The title is really a trick to get you to read his ramblings about boarding your comics and shit.

My Point’s the Mount of Orphan’s Tears (4/8/07)
hermanos isn’t into fantasy, but he did really like Book of Swords.

Father? …figures. (#0: Superman Don’t Cry) (4/13/07)
Superman needs to quit it with the waterworks. It’s a bad example.

Ann & Weezy (4/16/07)
He’s falling out of love with Gail Simone, so who would be a better writer for Wonder Woman?

On Nightwing Annual #2 (4/21/07)
Holy hidden erections, Batman! As if Nightwing hasn’t been botched enough already!

Wildcats, Pop Comics At Work (4/23/07)
Grifter is good people, especially in the 3.0 days.

Citizen Steel and Jock(s) (4/23/07)
Alex Ross’ JSA covers are kind of lame when you look at it. Here are some covers that aren’t.

Maybe tomorrow, woman (4/30/07)
A concept brought up in Invisibles has a presense in the Tomorrow Woman issue of JLA. hermanos discusses.

Spider-Man 4: Rise of the Silver Sable (5/4/07)
Some initial thoughts on Spider-Man 3, followed up on here.

Real Talk: Today’s Mathematics (5/19/07)
hermanos discusses how to fix the treatment of women and minorities in comics in an article that’s like a mix between a level three Street Fighter special move and Bill Pullman’s speech from Independance Day.

We Understand– They Are Not Grateful (Casanova) (6/11/07)
hermanos loves Matt Fraction more than Adam West loves taffy. And Adam West is a man who loves his taffy.

Joe Q: Villain or Menace? (6/14/07)
Quesada gets a lot of bad press, but don’t let that get in the way of all the good he’s done.

5 Questions from Tom Foss, 8 from Carnage (6/27/07)
Get to know hermanos a little better.

O Captain, My Captain (7/5/07)
Steve Rogers was very, very awesome. Thumbs up, soldier!

Distressed About Damsels (7/16/07)
Messing with a hero’s lady friend can work out really well, or it could just be lazy, lazy writing (*cough* blackinblack *cough*)

Instant Replay: Blitzkrieg (8/8/07)
A repost of an old article where David swoons over Zoom and his baby-killing ways.

U DECIDE: Frank Miller (10/4/07)
Has he totally lost it, or has he, like Alan Moore, looked upon the legacy of his ’80s work and run screaming in the other direction?

Wondercon Day One! (2/23/08) and Wondercon Day Two! (2/24/08
David Brothers + Darwyn Cooke = BFF

Comics I Would Buy, Volume 1 (3/10/08) and Volume 2 (3/15/08)
I suppose I’d buy them too, since I trust his judgment.

“Amanda Waller’s Family Ties” was Reagan’s Favorite Show (3/14/08)
hermanos really, really, really likes Amanda Waller.

Guerilla Grodd, Three Years Later (3/17/08)
A look back at three years of blogging and what they’ve taught Mr. Brothers.

This Is A Terrible 500th Post (4/7/08)
A look at the Starlin and Marz era of Silver Surfer. Featuring Nova as a stripper. The female Nova.

T’Challa & Ororo vs The Sexist Racists (5/30/08)
A one-dimensional prejudice villain? Meh.

I Love Harley Quinn (6/20/08)
What? The guy loves Harley Quinn.

Barry Allen, King of the Third Verse (6/30/08)
A look at some of the kickass recent appearances by Barry Allen prior to his rebirth.

4thletter of July: Luke Cage is the American Dream (7/4/08)
We celebrate America’s birthday by celebrating Power Man and his relationship with the country.

Crisis on Infinite Supermen (7/9/08)
What truly defines the Man of Tomorrow?

Blogging About the Blogging Panel: A Blog (8/1/08)
hermanos got to take part in a blogging panel. Lucky bastard.

Who Cares About Comics, Anyway?
There are some sequences that only comics can truly capitalize on.

I Call My Brother “Son” ’cause He Shine Like One (8/7/08)
Grant Morrison’s Mister Miracle and how it relates to Afro Futurism.

“If you negative in energy then stay out the vicinity of…” (10/23/08)
Just some moping about how only the negativity-based blogs out there get any recognition. You asshole.

4thletter! vs Savage Critic(s), Round 1: The Old (Red and) Blues (11/3/08)
Hey, remember that time hermanos was all raging against nostalgia and stuff and how it’s lame? Ah, those were the days.

SuperHHero KKKomics 200Hate: A Year In Review (12/10/08)
Every single black person is mistreated in comics! EVERY SINGLE ONE! What’s the deal with that?! (Please take this with a grain of salt, unlike that one guy in the comments)

Milestone 2008: Rebirth of Cool? (12/16/08)
hermanos is jazzed as hell about the return of the Milestone franchise.

Gavin Jasper sympathizes with Sir Mix-a-Lot because he likes big butts, but truly admires the man because he cannot lie.

Spider-Man, Power Man and Storm vs. Smokescreen! The Comic Joe Quesada Wants You to Know About! (5/12/06)
Spider-Man’s against smoking? No wonder Jameson calls him a menace!

Last Sons Twice Removed (6/25/06)
Gavok is tricked into reading an actual book without pictures because the cover had Superman, Lobo and Martian Manhunter on it. The sneaky bastards.

So How Was Your Yesterday? (11/1/06)
Gavok dresses as Sin City’s Marv for Halloween!

Evolution into Annoyance: The James Howlett Story (12/6/06)
Marvel spent a good while building Wolverine up as something interesting, then dropped the ball like it was a one ton weight.

Darling, I Don’t Know Why I Go to Extremes
Part One (1/3/07)
Part Two (1/5/07)
Part Three (1/7/07)
Booster Gold has bulky armor and Captain Atom has a mullet. Sadly, those are pretty much high points of this 19-issue monstrosity.

Life Imitating Art (1/17/07)
Gavok has wacky misadventures at work. And that’s terrible.

Extreme Justice Revisited: The Alliance (1/20/07)
Extreme Justice mixed with Elseworlds? That’s like taking an expired Manwich and filling it with broken glass.

Hal Jordan Rules and I Suck (2/1/07)
To celebrate Hal Jordan Appreciation Week, Gavok writes a love letter to the fist-swinging whitebread Lantern.

Ghost Riding Up My Asscrack (2/22/07)
Gavok reviews the Nicholas Cage cheesefest Ghost Rider.

Wrath of Comic Con (3/1/07)
Gavok’s adventures in New York City, meeting Chris Claremont, Tom Brevoort and that awesome guy dressed as Blue Beetle. If the story of his trivia contest experience doesn’t get your blood pumping, you’re a monster.

It’s an Unfortunate Name (3/3/07)
Punisher: War Journal features a funny little Easter egg based on a certain quilt-covered Spider-Man villain.

7thletter! is in effect (5/2/07)
Remember when Matt Murdock was off the streets and Iron Fist took over as Daredevil for a bit? It’s kind of like that, only nobody cares. But it does have Hulk vs. Black Adam! …sort of.

Spider-Man 3: The Deleted Scenes (5/4/07)
Comparing the novelization with what we got in theaters suggests a bevy of scenes we’ll get on the special edition DVD that will make the movie easier to watch.

Marvel Zombies: Ash’s Chainsaw and Other Beginnings (7/21/07)
With Marvel Zombies 2 announced, Gavok takes a trip down memory lane and looks at the various Marvel Zombies stories. What worked and what didn’t?

The Contest of Champions (and Avengers and X-Men and Alpha Flight and…) (8/3/07)
A review of the very first Marvel miniseries, where a bunch of random superheroes hunt for treasure.

Super Contest of Champions II Turbo (8/12/07)
Superheroes become infected with stupid and fight each other in a tournament.

Professor Marc’s Homework Assignment
A comic nerd with far more experience than Gavok can ever wish for gives him a handful of random comics to review.
Part One (9/5/07)
Part Two (9/18/07)
Part Three (10/6/07)

What If Musings: Warbound Hulk and the Juggernaut (9/22/07)
Reading World War Hulk: X-Men leads to an idea for a potential What If comic.

The Manga Messiah: A Non-Review (9/28/07)
Gavok almost picked up a manga about Jesus, but good taste won out. Here are some tasteless jokes anyway.

Peter Meets Lucas and the Comic We Need to See (10/16/07)
A look back at the first comic where Luke Cage shares a scene with Spider-Man.

Essential Luke Cage Volume 1: In Black and White… Mostly Black (10/22/07)
The first half of Power Man’s initial series reviewed. Including some of the strangest villains ever.

Planet of the Symbiotes: History Before it Repeats Itself (10/26/07)
Symbiotes taking over New York City? Bendis wasn’t the first to write that comic.

Scarface: Say Hello to my Little Review (11/4/07)
They made a comic sequel to the movie Scarface. I’m serious. Yes, I know he got shot a million times. He’s alive anyway.

Essential Luke Cage Volume 2: Fish-Based Villainy, the Windy City and that Kung-Fu Whiteboy (11/6/07)
A review of the second half of Cage’s old series, leading to his Iron Fist team-up days.

Venom vs. Sandman: Three Stories of Living Grains and Eating Brains (11/14/07)
The villains from Spider-Man 3 and how they relate to each other in the comics.

clOne More Day (12/6/07)
Some rantings on the Spider-Man/Mephisto crap before it got tired.

Essential Iron Fist: A Collection Like a Thing Unto Iron… Whatever That Means. (1/7/08)
The entirety of Iron Fist’s comic series and then some, all in snazzy black and white form.

Overthinking the Bad Guys (1/15/08)
Gavok goes a little too far in figuring out what makes certain comic villains tick.

Awakening: Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Honest! (2/8/08)
Review of the first three issues of a kickass new comic about a detective investigating zombies.

My VCR is Broken: Captain America (3/11/08)
Why watch the movie based on the comic when I could just read the comic based on the movie based on the comic?

Artists and Models: The 1955 Comic Book Movie You Never Heard of. (3/15/08)
Jerry Lewis is a comic nerd who talks in his sleep and Dean Martin writes comics by writing down what Jerry says in his sleep. This was an actual movie.

What If? What Then? The Comic I’d Like to See (4/12/2008)
Take some old What If issues and sequalize them with newer pieces of Marvel continuity.

Return of the Wratch of Comic Con (4/22/08)
Gavok wins a bunch of swag and makes Peter David’s mind explode.

Norman Osborn Will Stain His Hands… With Your Blood (5/22/08)
Videogame villain Geese Howard is an awesome badass. Norman Osborn is a similar awesome badass.

Elseworlds Destiny: Some Guys Age Like the World’s Finest Wine (6/10/08)
A look at an obscure Elseworlds where Thomas Wayne and Jor-El are the survivors.

Return of the Knockoffs (7/8/08)
Squadron Supreme used to be great. Now it sucks.

What If Musings: A Team Like No Other (8/9/08)
Transforming Secret War into a really dumb 80’s joke.

50 Things Gavok Likes, Ergo You Should Like it Too (8/20/08)
Part of the Hembeck Challenge, here are 50 things Gavok enjoys about comics, images included.

Changing Things Up and Going From There (8/24/08)
In comics there are good changes and bad changes. Some changes can be used well, while other will fail. Here’s a look at a couple examples of the different combinations.

The Man with the Dented Face (8/27/08)
What makes the two sides of Two-Face tick?

Infinite Crisis: The Graphic Audio (8/31/08)
It’s Infinite Crisis done as a radio play. It’s actually kind of good!

52: The Graphic Audio (10/19/08)
And they did one for 52 too!

Behind the Green Goblin Door (12/17/08)
Who is Norman Osborn’s special friend from Dark Reign?

Beetle for the Cowl (1/18/09)
Why Ted Kord would make a super sweet replacement Batman.

Billy Ray Cyrus: The Marvel Comic Book. Yes. Really. (2/17/09)
Books like this are why Gavok exists.

Esther Inglis-Arkell threatened to tear out Gavok’s throat if he represented her with an image of a Marvel character. Twice if it was Cassandra Nova. I didn’t even know it was possible to tear out someone’s throat twice, but there you have it!

Five Artists Who Make Me Love Comics (8/26/08)
Esther makes her debut by discussing… well, you get the gist.

Why Superman/Batman Is The Comic To Watch (9/17/08)
The short answer is the Mini Justice League, but I’ll let Esther explain it better.

Batman RIP: Whodunnit? (10/22/08)
Esther’s idea of who was behind the Black Glove was so out there that it almost had to be Morrison’s aim.

Sadly Un-Wonderful (10/28/08)
Wonder Woman has some good stories, but as a character, she’s lacking.

Getting Nippy (12/18/08)
Hehehehe. Boobies.

An Interview With The Team That Reinvented Supergirl (3/4/09)
Esther interviews the team behind DC’s Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eight Grade.

Zombie Tales (3/17/09)
Esther does another interview, this time with writer Ian Brill about zombies and comics and stuff.

Hoatzin, aka Rad McAwesome, figures that “madness” and “Sparta” are not mutually exclusive.

Hello all (8/2/07)
The new guy’s introduction and some reviews.

It’s a Bat-Mystery! (8/9/07)
Like, zoinks, man! Batman #667 had just come out and Hoatzin tries to figure out this groovy mystery!

4thletter exclusive (8/18/07)
DC has released their third Countdown preview poster and guess who gets the exclusive! No, not Newsarama. Us!

White Tiger: An In-Depth Review (9/12/07)
The Daredevil spin-off that everyone wanted to read… until they finished the first issue.

Aim For It!! Little Misty! Episodes 1-4 (10/6/07)
Remember that sidekick Zatanna had in Seven Soldiers? DC doesn’t apparently. Wacky comics ensue.

Batman Is Bruce Wayne, Many Troubles In Your Brain (11/23/07)
Batman and a bunch of knockoffs got involved in a groovy mystery. Hoatzin takes a look at how each non-Bruce Batman represents a different piece of the man.

Fixing the flawed: Tigra (1/11/08)
Tigra may not be the best character, but she does deserve better treatment than being a punching bag.

X-Men with O-Faces (3/15/08)
Followed up by hermanos and to a lesser extent Gavok, Hoatzin starts up conversation about how awful Greg Land’s pencils are for Uncanny X-Men #500. Our friend Solenna helps out with a brilliant gif of plagarism that keeps getting bigger by the day.

Thomas Wilde once set a wooden stake on fire to kill Martian Dracula.

He’s Not That Bad, Really (6/12/06)
Wanderer hates Venom. Here he tells you that despite some eras and storylines bruising Spider-Man’s overall history, there are a whole lot of great runs out there. Also, Wanderer hates Venom.

Everyone’s Life Sucks (6/30/06)
People talk a lot about Joss Whedon and how he writes women. Here’s more talk about Joss Whedon and how he writes women.

What’s so Civil About War, Anyway? (9/27/06)
A couple issues into the miniseries, Wanderer discusses how he’d improve Marvel Mega-Event ‘06.

Sometimes the Buzzword’s Wrong (11/4/06)
Warren Ellis is always regarded as being over-cynical in regards to everything he writes. Is he really? Maybe, maybe not.

Because You Have to Have Vocab (12/16/06)
Comic writers and artists can be used in casual conversation. Professor Wilde shows you how!

The Version of World War Hulk I Kind of Want to See (5/22/07)
Wanderer points out that, hey, being green and angry doesn’t save you from magic.

Jeph Loeb has ruined one of Marvel’s best books, so Gavok and ManiacClown ruin his book in return.
Week One
Day One (12/12/07)
Day Two (12/13/07)
Day Three (12/14/07)
Day Four (12/15/07)
Day Five (12/16/07)
Day Six (12/17/07)
Day Seven (12/18/07)
Week Two
Day One (1/28/08)
Day Two (1/29/08)
Day Three (1/30/08)
Day Four (1/31/08)
Day Five (2/1/08)
Day Six (2/2/08)
Day Seven (2/3/08)
Week Three
Day One (2/23/08)
Day Two (2/23/08)
Day Three (2/24/08)
Day Four (2/25/08)
Day Five (2/26/08)
Day Six (2/28/08)
Day Seven (2/28/08)
Week Four
Day One (6/27/08)
Day Two (6/29/08)
Day Three (6/30/08)
Day Four (7/1/08)
Day Five (7/2/08)
Day Six (7/3/08)
Day Seven (7/4/08))
Week Five
Day One (9/27/08)
Day Two (9/28/08)
Day Three (9/29/08)
Day Four (9/30/08)
Day Five (10/1/08)
Day Six (10/2/08)
Day Seven (10/3/08)

Ultimate Edit Annotations (10/6/08)

Week One
Day One (11/07/08)
Day Two (11/8/08)
Day Three (11/9/08)
Day Four (11/10/08)
Day Five (11/11/08)
Day Six (11/12/08)
Day Seven (11/13/08)
Week Two
Day One (12/27/08)
Day Two (12/28/08)
Day Three (12/29/08)
Day Four (12/30/08)
Day Five (12/31/08)
Day Six (1/1/09)
Day Seven (1/2/09)

hermanos does a daily series about black people and comics throughout the month of February. Good for him!
Black History Month 01: A Man Is Just A Man (2/1/08)
Black History Month 02: Fall Back or Fall Down (2/3/08)
Black History Month 03: Exploitation (2/3/08)
Black History Month 04: This Is What Happens To Heroes (2/4/08)
Black History Month 05: By Any Means (2/5/08)
Black History Month 06: Wu-Tang is For the Children (2/6/08)
Black History Month 07: Speak With Criminal Slang (2/7/08)
Black History Month 08: Protect My Family (2/8/08)
Black History Month 09: Black Race-r (2/9/08)
Black History Month 10: Top Secret (2/10/08)
Black History Month 11: Do It For Delf (2/11/08)
Black History Month 12: The Wall (2/12/08)
Black History Month 13: Wu-Wear- Garment Renaissance (2/13/08)
Black History Month 14: The Sambo Samba (2/14/08)
Black History Month 15: Detective Tiegel (2/15/08)
Black History Month 16: Pay Homage to the Man of Steel (2/16/08)
Black History Month 17: Return of the Gangsta (2/17/08)
Black History Month 18: The Cool (2/18/08)
Black History Month 19: Don’t Start None… (2/20/08)
Black History Month 20: Priesthood (2/20/08)
Black History Month 21: Bad Mutha (2/21/08)
Black History Month 22: Panther’s Quest (2/22/08)
Black History Month 23: Best Friends, Better Brothers (2/23/08)
Black History Month 24: Static and Manhood (2/24/08)
Black History Month 25: Halle Berry? No Surprise. (2/25/08)
Black History Month 26: Escapism (2/26/08)
Black History Month 27: Dirty Harriet (2/27/08)
Black History Month 28: We Fly High (2/28/08)
Black History Month 29: Black Is Black (2/29/08)
Black History Month 30: Call Me Nat Turner With a Burner (3/3/08)
Black History Month 31: I Can’t Sleep (On This) (5/1/08)


Black History Month ‘09 #01: “You Are Appreciated” (2/1/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #02: You Can’t Win (2/2/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #03: This Is The Way The World Begins (2/3/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #04: Never No In-between (2/4/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #05: Make the Cipher Complete (2/5/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #06: The Fear of Mandingo (2/6/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #07: These Are Your Shoes, These Are My Shoes, We’ve Got Issues (2/7/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #08: The Theme Song is “It’s Yours” (2/8/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #09: Shakey Dogs (2/9/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #10: Stay True (2/10/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #11: America! United We Stand, Divided We Fall (2/11/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #12: Banned For Life (Spit the Real) (2/12/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #13: I Could Forgive The Past, But I Never Forget It (2/13/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #14: Simple, Ain’t It? But Quite Clever. (2/14/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #15: Halftime (2/15/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #16: My Country (2/16/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #17: Still Dreaming (2/17/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #18: One What? One Love (2/18/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #19: Bridging the Gap (2/19/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #20: It Ain’t Hard To Tell (2/20/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #21: Ether (2/21/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #22: Shake This (2/22/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #23: We Gonna Make It (2/23/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #24: Ready for Whatever (2/24/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #25: Re-Definition (2/25/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #26: The Message (2/26/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #27: Life Is Illmatic (2/27/09)
Black History Month ‘09 #28: You Can’t Stop Us Now (2/28/09)
BHM09 Coda (3/9/09)

Gavok’s overly-comprehensive look at the history of Eddie Brock and his lovable, bloodthirsty pal.

Prologue (10/26/08)
Part 1: Brand New Leaf
Part 2: Meet the Heavy-Hitters (11/3/08)
Part 3: The Last Days of San Francisco (11/27/08)
Part 4: Father of the Year (11/30/08)
Part 5: Wrath of the Butterface (12/3/08)
Part 6: Special Guest Villain (12/23/08)
Part 7: The Ballad of Rad Eddie (2/2/09)
Part 8: Brains! Brains! It’s Okay! (3/4/09)

Sorry Mario, but the Princess is in another panel.

Dead Man’s Party: The Resident Evil Comics (1/7/06)
The images are broken, but Wanderer shows us the ups and many downs of the Resident Evil comic book.

Malibu’s Street Fighter Comic: Here Comes an Old Challenger! (9/28/06)
Before UDON was around, Malibu had three ill-fated issues of World Warriors.

Malibu Kombat
Part One (9/29/06)
Part Two (9/30/06)
Part Three (10/1/06)
Part Gold (10/2/06)
A Mortal Kombat comic series that’s a rollercoaster ride of ridiculous. Starring Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Baraka and the rest of the digitized martial artists. Featuring the horrific art of Kiki Chansamone!

That 70’s Comic: Vigilante 8 (5/18/07)
A semi-obscure videogame about truckers saving the 70’s from terrorists from the future had its own comic.

Marvel Nemesis: The Comic Miniseries (8/26/07)
Green heroin, elderly convicts and maniacal balerinas made for a really bad videogame, but Greg Pak wrote the comic tie-in.

The Double Dragon Comic: World War Green Abobo? (10/12/07)
Billy and Jimmy Lee have comic book adventures and it’s actually really good!

Fighting Game Comics Round-Up: Featuring Raul Julia, Wolf Hawkfield and Paul Phoenix! (11/28/07)
Reviews of the comics based on Tekken, Virtua Fighter and Street Fighter: The Movie.

Gavok read every single issue of Marvel’s What If series and felt that it called for one long-ass ranked list and more.

Prelude (7/15/06)
Some Issues That Won’t Make the Cut (8/1/06)
Part One: 100-96 (8/2/06)
Part Two: 95-91 (8/7/06)
Part Three: 90-86 (8/9/06)
Part Four: 85-81 (8/13/06)
Part Five: 80-76 (8/24/06)
Part Six: 75-71 (8/28/06)
Part Seven: 70-66 (8/31/06)
Part Eight: 65-61 (9/4/06)
Part Nine: 60-56 (9/9/06)
Part Ten: 55-51 (9/11/06)
Part Eleven: 50-46 (9/15/06)
Part Twelve: 45-41 (9/18/06)
Part Thirteen: 40-36 (9/22/06)
Part Fourteen: 35-31 (9/26/06)
Part Fifteen: 30-26 (10/15/06)
Part Sixteen: 25-21 (10/10/06)
Part Seventeen: 20-16 (10/24/06)
Part Eighteen: 15-11 (10/30/06)
Part Nineteen: 10-6 (11/8/06)
Part Twenty: 5-1 (11/12/06)
Honorable Mention Awards (11/20/06)
Finale (3/28/07)


A possibly never-ending series of articles where Gavok looks at the first appearances of various comic characters.

Part One: Abomination to Attuma (11/28/06)
Part Two: Avalanche to Beta-Ray Bill (12/10/06)
Part Three: Beyonder to Black Widow (12/30/06)
Part Four: Blink to Bumblebee (1/12/07)
Part Five: Cable to Catwoman (2/6/07)
Part Six: Celestials to Crimson Dynamo (3/13/07)
Part Seven: Crossbones to the Demon Etrigan (7/6/07)

Our site is brought to you by the letter D and readers like you.

Dumb criminals (9/29/06)
David Mack (10/1/06)
D-Man (10/5/06)
Dark silhouettes (10/9/06)
Dumb explanations (10/15/06)
Domino (11/4/06)
David (and Cassandra) Cain (12/1/06)
Drama (12/21/06)
Dead characters, like Ted Kord (12/31/06)
Dialogue (3/16/07)
Dope (4/29/07)
Deception (6/29/07)
Deadly (10/27/08)

Cliché fights like Batman vs. Captain America are deep within the box. hermanos likes to take a walk outside.

Mary Jane Parker vs. Lois Lane (9/2/06)
Jubilee vs. Kitty Pryde (1/21/07)
Ghostface Killah vs. Iron Man (4/10/07)
World’s Funkiest (Superman vs. Batman in a dance contest) (11/21/08)

Why do you like comic books? Don’t you realize they’re fake?

Secret War Games: The Marvel WCW Comic
Part One (4/3/07)
Part Two (4/14/07)
Part Three (4/23/07)
Gavok receives a double-clothesline from Marvel and Ted Turner.

CHIKARA Pro Wrestling:
An independant wrestling promotion releases a bunch of DVDs and the like with comic book homages on the cover. First article is a cover gallery, while the ones following are quick updates.
Forget the Zombie Covers. It’s CHIKARA Time (5/8/07)
CHIKARA Cover: The Mike Quack Returns (6/8/07)
CHIKARA Cover: When There’s Trouble, You Know Who to Call… (7/5/07)
CHIKARA Cover: Technicos ASSEMBLE! (8/14/07)
CHIKARA Cover: Tim Donst is Pretty Good at What He Does, Bub (11/21/07)

The Hulk Hogan Manga: Hulkster, I Choose You, Brother! (5/25/07)
SDShamshel does a guest article about Japan’s odd depiction of Hulk Hogan’s life.

Stone Cold Steve Ditko Presents WWF Battlemania
The Ultimate Warrior, Big Boss Man, the Natural Disasters and others get into wacky adventures outside the ring!
Part One (6/6/07)
Part Two (6/21/07)

Wrestlecomics Interview: “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush cuts a promo on Gavok (7/11/07)
Gavok interviews CHIKARA founder and ass-kicking specialist Mike Quackenbush with hermanos banned from ringside.

Comics and Wrestling: The Parallels (8/30/07)
The similarities between guys in tights beating each other up and other guys in tights beating each other up. For some reason, this got featured on Fark.

Wrestlecomics Interview: Gavok Annoys the Heck Out of Leonard F. Chikarason (11/13/07)
CHIKARA’s Director of Fun makes a major mistake by accepting an interview and admitting to reading Countdown.

Headlocked: A Fake Truth About Fakeness (1/23/08)
A review about a new comic about a dude trying to make his way into the world of professional wrestling.

Wrestlecomics Interview: Plagued by the Osirian Portal! (2/20/08)
Gavok interviews an evil wrestling pharaoh and an evil wrestling snake guy. They do the sand dance, don’t ya know.

All King of Trio’d Out (3/4/08)
Gavok and his brand new 4L t-shirt got to hang out with some wrestlers on an unforgettable weekend of planchas and DDTs.

Wrestlecomics Interview: Gavok Talks to Tim Donst… Sort of. Kind of. Not Really. (5/17/08)
Gavok has the timing to interview fan-favorite CHIKARA wrestler Tim Donst during his stint as being UltraMantis Black’s lackey. So really, it’s just UltraMantis answering Mr. Donst’s questions for him.

Wrestlecomics Interview: Gavok Battles Shayne Hawke at Snarkfest ‘08! (6/12/08)
Gavok has a talk with that stylish pipsqueak Shayne/Buck Hawke.

Wrestlecomics Interview: Tim Donst. For Reals This Time! (7/24/08)
Now that he’s broken away from UltraMantis’ clutches, Tim Donst is ready to do a real interview.

Okay, sure, it’s not comics, but Gavok wanted to do a ranking of all the WWE Royal Rumble matches from worst to best.

Day 1 (1/19/09)
Day 2 (1/20/09)
Day 3 (1/21/09)
Day 4 (1/22/09)
Day 5 (1/24/09)
Day 6 (1/25/09)
Day 7 (1/27/09)

Guest writer Syrg has the task of reading and reviewing one of the all-time biggest comic book stinkers. Something about a guy from the future who fights crime, then learns about evolution.

Part 1: Better Sales Through Self-Immolation (3/8/09)
Part 2: Take Us to Poor People! (3/9/09)
Part 3: Like an African Fertility God (3/10/09)
Part 4: Stay with the TARDIS, Damn It (3/11/09)
Part 5: Comics – Pretty Much the Word of God (3/12/09)

A.o.D. writes a series of guest articles where he proposes his vision of Rom in the retold Marvel universe.

Part One: Introduction (1/25/06)
Part Two: Rom (1/27/06)
Part Three: Dire Wraiths (2/1/06)
Part Four: Supporting Cast (2/6/06)
Part Five: Arrival (2/13/06)
Part Six: End Game (2/18/06)

Tomorrow Woman dying in Superman’s arms is sad… but I bet it would be hilarious if she was making Geico references instead! Photoshop, make it happen!

Ruining the Moment: Volume 1 (12/25/06)
Ruining the Moment: Volume 2 (2/3/07)
Ruining the Moment: Volume 3 (4/11/07)
Ruining the Moment: Volume 4 (6/15/07)
Ruining the Moment: Volume 5 (9/26/07)
Ruining the Moment: Volume 6 (9/22/08)

Space Ghostal: Old Times (7/25/06)
Jim Kelly’s Space Ghost comic gets the Williams Street treatment.

Dear DC Comics re: Red Arrow (2/16/07)
hermanos spends a minute making fun of Roy Harper’s new name.

Fun with Ares (3/15/07)
Ms. Marvel knows a guy who’s like a Wolverine and a Thor put together. Gavok has fun with the concept.

Galactus is coming, so bring an umbrella! (4/25/07)
Movie Galactus is a cloud, so Gavok, naturally, makes fun.

I’m being topical. And that’s terrible. (5/11/07)
Spider-Man 3 meets the Superdictionary. So good.

In the tradition of Edited Crisis 04… (7/7/07)
hermanos screws around with the Sinestro Corps one-shot. Man, Kyle’s science is too tight!

Ruining the Moment: Illuminati Spoiler Special (11/9/07)
Remember when Black Bolt turned out to be a shape-shifting alien? No? Then skip this.

DULLARD (12/23/07)
hermanos messes around with Steel Phoenix from Iron Fist. Not in that way, you perv.

Musical Comics (3/7/08)
Comic covers with musical references instead of titles.

It’s April 1st, so… (4/1/08)
“You really ought to be ashamed of yourself.” — A.o.D.

Who Dooms the Doomsman? (5/12/08)
The Dr. Doom/Watchmen crossover we’ve all been waiting for!

Oan Election Day (11/5/08)
Gavok voted Democrat. What of it?

An attempt at a series of Christmas issue reviews that never quite took off. Maybe next season.

Countdown to Infinite Christmas (12/18/05)
Justice League, Nightwing, The Tick and Hellboy celebrate the holidays.

The Twelve Days of Vengeance (12/20/05)
Superman, Iron Man, the Hulk and Lobo get jolly.


Supermarket 1 and 2! (4/20/06)
Nez reviews the first couple issues and explains that he perceives it differently from most other reviewers.

Civil War Revamped (2/21/07)
Mark Poa thinks that Marvel’s pro-registration is a great idea, but they’re doing it all wrong.

Guest Post: The Fourth World Is Not Enough (3/3/08)
Steven “HitTheTargets” Bush gives his two cents on what he thinks Final Crisis will entail.

A.o.D. Loves Iron Man Like Tony Loves the Women (5/8/08)
Hey, the guy’s been a Stark fan for years. Having him write a movie review was a good plan.

Magnum Opus: Squadron Supreme
Tobey Cook recalls the greatness of the first Squadron series.

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