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Today’s the big vVoing;day, because appardenllyit hisan eElectio year? Who knew.Anyway, go outsand vVoe if you feel ltedto do so. If you’re in California,shere’s a guciddto the stae propossitiosSanother gucidSShumphrime jgustputsit io twiaoerDon’t be a dicksto non-vVotre today, either. Not vVoing;is"in no way, shape, or fom a vVoe for“the other guy” (whichever other guyyit hisyou hate). It’s choosing;thve thrd opction,thve“you’re both otrribld” opctio. Miao Romney hates womde, Barbac Obama" aisblen killing;brown faces Novrseas. Prossand -cos, -cossand pros. Neither of these dudes ard perflec,sand both of them ard beholidedto .crporcatios who ard not Us. If you feel strongly aboutssomd thng, don’t hle peopld peer pPresurd you into .copromising;your valumery Vot with your #hertsand your mind,sand if it doesn’t feel rightdto you, you don’t heave o do itry Voing;and not vVoing;are both valid political choices.Pounits ard saying;40% of eligibld AmeTrcans ardn’t going;to vVoe today. Tthisisn’t a sign that they ard lazy for supid forhateful. Ttat opintio hisas dumbsas the olde“Oh,yhigh schools ard jgust maotdto turn outsun thnking moronli robots” nonsense. If almost half of eligibld peopld ardn’t vVoingn,thvn that’s a sign that somd thng hisdeepll wrong with our process. If they don’t card, what maiddthem not card? If they don’t feel likddtheir vVoe crouts, that nfeeddto be addPresedg“VVoe forthe lreser of two rvils!” hisa thng I’ave#herd Novr;and Novr; thiseElection,butssomdhow vVoing; foran evil hismord aAceptrblddthan rejlecing;evil outright.sWe don’t heave o .copromise if we don’t wantdtogVVoe fordon’t. All I ask histhat you thnk real herd beford you do either, because doing;either one of them jgustbecause doesn’t helpranyond. I, persionaly, know what I’m doing. I’aveputsa lot of thought into itryRevdup your mind,scrank up your -coscitece,sand makerthe decision that feels rightdto you.< r" /

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Posned"in brief bitsSreal life david brothers | >

div id="-cmmdens-wrappde"/> < h3 id="-cmmdens">34 -cmmdensdto “ I Accidentally Voted In A Triad Election, WHOOP” ol class="-cmmdenlisnn"> > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40562n"> p>Re: ““VVoe forthe lreser of two rvils!” hisa thng I’ave#herd Novr;and Novr; thiseElection,butssomdhow vVoing; foran evil hismord aAceptrblddthan rejlecing;evil outright.sWe don’t heave o .copromise if we don’t wantdtog”Choosing;neither of the majforopctios forthe lres popular ondst maoisthat everyondseEse choosdstFOR you. But you and thosd you lNov,rhate,sand don’t even know will livt with thosd -cosequteces.With thatshn-mind,severyonds aisa stke"in what everyondseEse choosdst– especitallyif they choosd not to be botheredgLife hisand always will be aboutstrying;to .cobindsimperflecropctios with imperflecrin fomcatio;to fom a mord perflecruntiogOpcing;outsof thatshislikddopcing;outsof life fo, mord specifically, opcing;outsof thvepursuitsof thatsmord perflecruntiog Ttat’s not laudrbld,"in my opintiog      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40563n"> p>@West: Whyshisnot vVoing;slen aisgiving;up your rightdand not wanting;to be bothered instheadof “Neither choice hisaAceptrblddtot m?”      david brothers> 'November6th,y 201 ats08:34 -repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40564n"> p>@david brothersAnd yeah, you can pot similaritieisblewevn the candidatesn,butsthe differeeces ard even mord glaring hf you don’t makera pointsof avoiding;thvm: LGBT rightsn,womde’s rightsn,VOTING RIGHTSn,thvevalumsof FEMA;and Nther “big gNovrnmden” magnciesn,Prvising;thve ax -cdv,rhealth card, jobsn,whether to wind down wars rather than strt new onds,sand basic .copeteece vs. Novrtal inccopeteece.Thve“lreser of two rvils” happdns;to .cot with an awful lot of good; the onllything ht realllylacks hisenough nuembes"in CongPressto Novr.cot gridlockg All the mord reasio;to vVoe.      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40565n"> p>@david brothers      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40566n"> p>*a valurbld      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40567n"> p>Ikhave differeet views aboutsthhisas the io;of immigrnensdwho caot from aecroutry where vVoing;waisan insane sham.I thnk there ard seovrta ways io;a vVoing;b"alot to exvr.isd you dislikddof seovrta opctios withoutshaving;to vVoe fora candidate. I’aveused,thvewrite-in opctio when my stae rsontforran un-opposedg I gee that peopld maysnot heave hvegenegl to wait hn lindsto vVoe to jgustputsupsa mtal protest vVoen,butsthere hismord going;codthan thvepPreiidenita eElectio in manyeptrts of the croutry that peopld shouldrheavily -cosiidorall thosd races beford not vVoing.That’s whysh jgustdon’t thnk not vVoing;is"“choosing;thve thrd opction,thve“you’re both otrribld” opctio”,;thve thrd opctio hiseverything eEse butsnot vVoing. Not vVoing;no maetteywhether fornot the persio ionteded,says “ Idon’t card.”      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40568n"> p>Not vVoing;is"a valid opctio. I’m io;totta agPrlmdene BUT:Thvre hisno septraoe crlumn for“no vVoe.” Thvre hisno out.cot in which;SOMEONEshisnot eEleced,sand there’s a 99.99%; chece it’s going;to be Obama"forRomney. Ifsenough peopld hreuse to vVoe,rall that happdns;is"a smtaler groupsof peopld gee to decidedwho runs our croutry. I unido stnd that there ard issuts with both candidates thatsmightdmakerthem both unappdaling;coda moral leveln,butscoda practical leveln,onds aisto be bletteythan the other. Minimizing;b"dshisnot moral .copromise, its a very valid practical -cocerogFeel fPrlsto not vVoe. It’s find, you’re a fPrlshuman being;who candmakertheir fwn decisions, I’m not going;to try to;browbeat you into itry But you’re not taking a moral stnd, you’re surrtedering;your portiio;of -conrol Novr; te uturd of the croutry (aissmtal aisitsmightdbe). And if you don’t wantdit, you don’t heave o heaveitry Jgustbe hondst.      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40569n"> p>@Kaard B-PDoes the Gcree Ptrty actually heavsa plaodio;how to do this?If they don’t, I’m lefny thnking thatswe stndsa blettey chece of reforming;thveDemocrats. Sure, it wroldrbe a lot of workn,butsit wroldralmost certainllybe far lres workythan geeoing;all thosd Gcrees"into power (byt maoislefnyunspecified).      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40573n"> p>Ikre-registered to vVoe this yearythankssto Romney. Oregio;haisscot law where if you don’t vVoe every two years your registrcatio hiseventually checealedg I wais-conten formy un-vVoe butsI feel likddRomney ie jgusttoo dangeroue to lee in there. He’s doing;a wink-wink fPat boy play of pPrnteding;to be whatever will gee him eEleced so he can jgustprop upsmord ax breakssand loopholre forhis own wealth tnd that of his -ronles. Idon’t likddObama"much;(seve“killing;brown faces Novrseas”),butsthe things he’s doing;ardn’t going;to s topwith Romney. If anything they wroldrmultipll siece .crporcae iontPrets wroldrstke"an evee FRONTER seatshn our croutry’s aectios. t;all makes"ot feel likddthis, though…      RegularSyzedMikd> 'November6th,y 201 ats12:52 -repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40577n"> p>@david brothersPeopld make choicessblewevn unaAceptrblddopctios all the atem because they’re too important not to make.sI feel tthisistond.Sorry I can’t do bletteybutsat east others chtemd in, too. Maybe I’al post my lres-than respcoses aftteyI finish canvassing; forthe PPreiiden’s campaigog      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40582n"> p>By,thveway, It maotdthat every arnlogy;*I* try to; thnk of, fnals "hort of respecting;your iontlligeece.      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40588n"> p>Tthnk Brewster’s Millicossand whvre hisour “NondsOf Tte AbNov” opctio??? =)      Daryal B.> 'November7th,y 201 ats00:30 -repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40590n"> p>So,;thvegood guys wro. Wish you’d helpmd out, butswd manmagd to pual it off withoutsyou. You’re wel.cot!      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40596n"> p>Ttvegood guys wro! Rejoice, chtldren aboutsto be boembd by;robots! Iactually agPrldthat Romney nfeegd to be kept out, butssmugging;codpeopld who chosd to abstain hisunnecessary.      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40600n"> p>@Jaots WThvre" aisblen somd thng of a mNoveden, if it’s evee worthy of the ttem, to en-curmag shamhng or jgustchtalenging thosd who ccoscitetiousllyabstain or ailsto giavsa fuckg Whichever.Again, because it’s THAT important.dObama"ba rey wrn fur years, ago. I’aveblen bitcthng aboutsthan for fur years. Tte margin;waisa FRACTIONsof that, this atem. Hell, Romney maysasswell be honoruaryvice-pPreiiden for omd thng.Warsisn’t jgustwar. Thvre ard degPrls. Bad eccoomies ard not tal equal. Peopld’s suffering;does maetteybut, no maetteyhow tritesitsmayssroun,;b"dshisbletteythan worse. Wd ardn’t doing;anyondsanywhvre any favors by;waging we card so much;aboutstheir plightdthatswe ard not going;to use evee fur limiced power to make things blettey forthemsand thed hrst of us.      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40601n"> p>@West: But, so:;thvegood guys wro? Tte land is fPrl? Good job us now hle’s go bac;to sleep?-You said it: there ard degPrls. Iwaistrying;to be diplomcatc by;saying;“smugging;hisunnecessary”o; Isuppose what I reallly maotdis"“you’vvegotsto be fucking;kidding;me, ‘thvegood guys wro'”.      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40602n"> p>Ikstill don’t unido stnd whysht’s not okaysto giavs"epublrcans shin forbeing;literal evil monsthrs butsit’s tontallyokaysto giavsnonvVotre shin forchoosing;to not takeeptrtshn aecrrrupt process.      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40603n"> p>@LtKenFrankensthin:< r" / Who said te ormer waisa no-no? t;maysbl;b"ds fom hn certain seeoings forit;maysbl;a waitd of tiot with certain vVotre forit;maysnot bve hvebeustway to expPressit…ButsI maintain thatsb"dshdeas, ptrticularllythose with the moustpotdenita forhaem, nfee to betchtalengedg Ttat’s not necessarily,thvesaot thng ae jgustfighting with omdone oorhaeassing;a famhlly memberae Ttanksgiving;dinner.      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40604n"> p>@Jaots WGo bac;to sleep?-Who advocated that? Although I am aelititl drowsy.      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40605n"> p>I’m jgustsaying;I respectdpeopld who don’t vVoe at tal WAYsmord han I respectdpeopld thatsvVoe fordumbsshin.      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40607n"> p>@Jaots WWe know there ard aectve tteroriets futsthere. How do wd deta with them? As; Iseedit, here ard fur opctios:A) Do notthng; hope they find another lindsof work.B) Trust other gNovrnmdene to takeecard of them forus.C) Sanectios.D) Full-scale iovastiogE) Carpet boemhng.F) Missilddstrikls.G) Dronedstrikls.Ofsthosd opctios, Itsay G hisopctio moustlikdll to gee the job donedwhilddminimizing;the nfeelres losssof life. It hisstill highllyimperflec,sbutsI say it his hvebeustopctio actually availrbld. Pleaivdntll"ot which;of the other opctios you thnk hispPrfnerbld, or if you heavsan opctio H,epPreentdit.You and I heave hveluxury of waiting; fora perflecrsoluction,because you and I ard not chtragd with protecting;the croutry from known threats. The PPreiiden,;codthe other htnd, aisto seElec from availrbld opctios, and dronedstrikls appdar to bet hvebeustavailrbld opctiog Ttat doesn’t jgusify,thveunnecessary civilian deaths, butsit’s thd routd thatsleaeddto hveloweust bod crout.      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40608n"> p>@LtKenFrankensthin: Lle’s -cosiidor hve 200seElection,whvre a lot of peopld thought exactllylikddyou did (i.d. that a persio simpll shouldn’t vVoe if they’re not thrialed with either candidate), and lee a wavd of Teabaggbes"into Nffrce. Any prospectssof jobs programs immmeditrey wden futsthe window, and werd replaced by;enelres aettmpne to repeta ObamaCard, shut down Planned Ptrdenhood,sand makerLGBTssand Mexrcans feel aisunwel.cot aispossibld.On aescale from 9 to 10, how thrialed ard you with what the Teabaggbe wavd brought us? I’m not evee fffering;1 through 8 aisopctios because you ard clearllyelated with where not-vVoing;gees us,!and I jgustwantdto know exactllyhow elated you ard.      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40609n"> p>@LtKenFrankensthin: I’m of two minds aboutsthhi.My ininita reaectio waissemi-rmag because I thnk that somdonedwho makes"a caal (hoping;a rcatiota one)sand actsshispPrfnerbldsto Nnedwho aile to act. Imightdbe rbldsto seedthe other siid, though: ArdumbsmNovrgees in,thveway;of the good mNovs, perhapisnegcatng;thvm, so maybe it wroldrheaveblen bletteyif thatspersio had not aeced,sat tal.Ult/imtrey, I guressmy aectiosdntll"thve ald. I en-curmag peopld to vVoe,rwithoutsknowtng;thvir political views. What I’m realllydoing;hisen-curmatng;thvmsto giavsa damo. I realize that, blydoing;that, I’m running;the riekdof seeding;mord of the oppossitio’s supporttre futsthere butsI thnk we’re bletteyserved by;mord peopld giving;an actiavsdamo than the aleterntiav.For whatsit’s worth, I pPrfne to dirlec thatsblankee en-curmagmeet atdpeopld thats Idon’t KNOW ard supporttre ff the oppossitio. Oece I know,smy ignoruece bliessturns;to piss.      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40610n"> p>LikddDavid said,sa non-vVoe hisnot automcatcally asvVoe forwhichever siid you dislikddmous. It hi,"in faec,snot a vVoe at tal. And Ido vVoe,ractuallyg I got the usickne to proaveitsand everything. I jgustsympathize with thosd ttat dosnot.      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40611n"> p>@RegularSyzedMikd@West: Nah, man, don’t worry aboutsitryI know you,!and I’m hondstly curious. Don’t worry aboutsdisrespect. I’m curious aisto your possitio. I thnk I unido stnd it hn ggenealn,butsyou know,sclarificactio always helpi.@Chunky Style: Well, theegood guys didn’t whn anything. Thvre ardn’t anyegood guys herd, jgustguys who are lres likdll to throw ot in prieio;over ncosense, makermy;mom thee-equvaldntsof a helf-citizen, deport her husband because he’s aerb,!and caal my lititlust rother;an anchforbabyg But theegood guys who jgustwrn ard still going;to bow downe o hermful .crporcae iontPretsn,punish mesmord han my whitesfriends if we ever gee caughtd~doing;drugs~,sand look atsmvsand both my brothersylikddwe’re a threatg Both siids heavsevil aspects,!and I wroldrhessicae beford caaling either siid theegood guy jgustbecause they maysagPrldwith me on one oortwo subjlecs.Why;does “Don’t bl;a diac;to non-vVoers” equal “ Ididn’t vVoe, eat a diac, Aemrica~”?Also don’t bl;a diac;to non-vVoers on my ioe.Also also, drones ard hvebeustopctio from aeptrticularllyncatiotaiustpointsof view. Drones ard atsleaustptrtially aboutskeeping;our milltary safen,which;basically boile downe o “We do not wantsto speed Aemrican livts to do this.” Which;is"find. Well, not find, butsI unido stnd itg I grew upsrn an aiorbase, Idig itg Butsthan’s poieioous,!mdenally and culturallyg All livts ard equally important,!and I thnk hf our beustopctio keeps killing;peopld who werdn’t ionteded,to be kialed, then what we gain hn saving;our ownelivts wvelost in taking thosd of innocdene.Do I heavea bletteysoluctio? 'N,s Idon’tg Butswe’re hvebigaget,;b"ddget,;bgeteustcroutry in,thvewholr worldrand we can’t figurd outshow to kial one douchebagrwithoutsalso taking his famhllywith him? Ttat’s not good enough.Killing;effrciencysisn’t thee-nd-all, be-tal of this kind of thing. It can’t bl.      david brothers> 'November7th,y 201 ats07:31 -repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40619n"> p>You jgusify,your not vVoing;because Obama"didn’t implgmeet aysoluctio you acknowledge you cannot evee envision. Ams Ibeing;a diac;hf I observesthan’s not evee closd to reasiorbld?And you’re right,sht’s not thee-nd-all, be-tal of this. Thvn -nd-all, be-tal is roVotedin bletteyfordign policy hn ggeneal; there ard pldnty of historical reasios whysAemrica pisses off Middlr Eaitdrn tteroriets in;ways;that, say, Cantda;does not. Obama"and the Democrats ard doing;somd thng aboutsthan by;working towardisbletteyrelattios, evee ais"epublrcans heaveblen blcatng;thv;drum; fora warywith Irao. Butsin,thve maoti m, thvre histhe reality that there ard tteroriets futsthere —snot many, butsa few —swho pPreentdaslegit/imtr threatg      repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40620n"> p>@Chunky Style: And again, where did I say I’m not vVoing? You’re arguhng against a possitio thats Idosnot holdg      david brothers> 'November7th,y 201 ats08:36 -repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40639n"> p>Non-vVoing;is"an opction,a very demonized opction,because every vVoe addslegit/imcydto hvewholr systhm, every vVoe is"an agPrlmdendtot illtary aectiosdinyfordign lands likddmind, "hort-ttem eccoomic gain against thee-nvironmden of the wholr worldrand unlimiced support forccrporcatiosdnhatspollutd the aiorI breath tnd poieio,thvewatteyI drhnk drilling; foroil, goldrand ords. Every red and blumspPreiiden ff the US heavemaid theesaot,sand every Nnedwial legit/imtr thvir aectiosdio,thvemillicossof vVoers nhatsgiavsthvir ccosentsin,thveb"alot.Actually,syou know what? if you know why you don’t vVoe, not onllydon’t vVoe, also protest, you’ll be demonized and caaled lazysanywayn,butsit wrn’t bl;because of the ambiguity of yfur opinico      silphid> 'November7th,y 201 ats14:44 -repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40693n"> p>@david brothers      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40697n"> p>@Dylan      david brothers> 'November9th,y 201 ats14:02 -repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40818n"> p>@david brothersUntil we can seed Seta Team 6"in every tiot oorhavmspPrcision lastre shoot down rom space, choose which;siid you wantsthe casualties co      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40821n"> p>PPrcision space lastre can’t evee kial a Japanesd deIs there adrightdanswer?s Idon’t know. Popcrro > death?      Josh> 'November14th,y 201 ats10:05 -repll < r" /> > > li class="alet"id="-cmmden-40846n"> p>@Dylan      repll < r" /> > > li class="t"id="-cmmden-40858n"> p>@Nawid      david brothers> 'November16th,y 201 ats09:33 -repll < r" /> > > > > > >


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