Look On My 3D, High-Definition Works, Ye Mighty, And Smile

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from Dave Gibbons & Alan Moore’s Watchmen, chapter 11

“The [seven screens idea] is related to a post–Steve Jobs, post-Windows era of where we’re always on a BlackBerry or a phone at a ballgame, at the movies, and you’re looking at seven windows when you’re online. And I’ve found myself even falling asleep at the theater unless I’m talking to somebody or I’m on the phone, and it’s because of the amount of information that we have at once. … I was very particular about having the screens be separate and having it where your mind puts the screens back together the way you can put memories together, the way that happens throughout the day and it all links back up.”

-Kanye West, 2012

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6 comments to “Look On My 3D, High-Definition Works, Ye Mighty, And Smile”

  1. Odd, I’ve always considered Ye to be rap’s Morrison not its Moore.

  2. Wow, dude can’t even sit through a movie without using some kind of gizmo to divide his attention? I’m not sure if that says something about Kanye’s lack of patience or this entire generation’s adult onset, technology-driven en masse ADD. I’m no luddite, I embrace technology pretty thoroughly, but only when it simplifies or expediates some kind of process. Information overload cheapens and marginalises any one media or communication experience; instead of watching a movie, you’re watching a movie, texting, and web surfing. Instead of eating dinner, you’re eating, downloading, and emailing. Each of these experiences is lessened because they are dividing up focus instead of benefitting from ones full mental attention. I don’t know if simulating this disconnect is necessarily good but, like it or not, Kanye is better at embodying and communicating the zeitgeist than anyone. He’s more in touch with gen y than almost any major artist.

    Regarding Watchmen: Moore was prescient. He envisioned a world where the Burroughs cut-up was the defacto method of perceiving and processing all information and he described it with perfect poetry. That kind of insight and vision is lacking in mainstream comics for the most part. This is good stuff, thanks for posting.

  3. If there’s a takeaway here beyond “Kanye West is That Douchebag You Hate at the movie theater”, I’m missing it

  4. @Andy:

    Then think harder? Read slower?

  5. I’m most surprised that y’all think Kanye West goes to regular people movie theaters, honestly.

  6. Counting the number of panels on that page of Watchmen…