Help The Hero Initiative Help Robert Washington III One Last Time

June 20th, 2012 by |

I keep trying to write about this in different ways, but the whole situation seriously, seriously bums me out and I can’t quite find the words. It’s terrifying, in a way. Instead:

-Robert Washington III died on 06/06/12, at the age of 47 years old.
-He wrote the first year and change of Milestone’s Static, a book that is way more near and dear to my heart than I had realized.
-He died poor, having depended on the Hero Initiative for help for a while.
His final interview is rough.
-He died alone.
-He’s going to be buried in an anonymous grave because he was so broke.

-Please donate to the Hero Initiative in Robert Washington III’s name.
-When you donate, please put his name in the “Add special instructions to the seller” field to make sure that the money is earmarked for his funeral.
-Once his funeral is paid for, I believe that the funds will go to help out other creators in need.
-Tell your friends.


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5 comments to “Help The Hero Initiative Help Robert Washington III One Last Time”

  1. Is there anyway to see how much has been donated so far, or what the dollar value of the goal is?

    I’ve got $25 in, so it doesn’t really matter to me what either one is, I’d just like to know when the goal is reached.

  2. @Bill: I think they’ll probably release a statement after the fact, yeah. They did for the grassroots Avengers donation drive, which I think pulled in around 5k. I’ll try to remember to reach out to them in a week or so to see.

  3. i donated

    this shit is just saddening

  4. Gave 10, done!

  5. yo update on the news of his burial

    he’s getting a proper grave so I’m glad to hear that!