“The dress code’s strictly white tee, Air Force 1s, and some Dickies.”

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Yesterday, during a crisis of confidence and an expectedly foggy bad mood that had me surfing the internet in a grey haze, I decided that life is too short to not do things I like, so I’m going to make it a point to only ever wear Air Force 1s forever, or until I get bored of them (unlikely) or die or something. I remember being younger and telling jokes about how I’d like to own seven pairs of Air Forces, so I could wear a different pair each day of the week. I dunno how I didn’t realize it before now, but I make enough money for that to not be a totally irresponsible prospect, and on top of that, I’m a little under halfway there already.

My goal is, with a few exceptions, to be all Air Force 1 everything. I like the lows way more than the mids and highs. I have a pair of mids in white on white, and they’re nice and all, but I messed around and got them half a size too big and I don’t really like wearing high tops, anyway. Lows are just more comfortable overall, and I like how they look with my clothes. I’ve got lows in black on black, black on grey/elephant skin (one of my favorite patterns), and khaki (or was it tan?). I’m donating a lot of my shoes to a charity, though, so now’s the time to re-up in something interesting. I need to get up on some blues and reds and start color coordinating better. Purple’s definitely on the list, too. I’m in love with these Kobe Air Force 1 Supremes, but the online site is out of my size.

This isn’t going to be a hard and fast rule. A huge exception will be made if I can find a pair of red and black Jordan XII Retros, my holy grail and a recreation of my favorite Jordans. If I find those, I’m never wearing anything but them until they fall apart, and then I’m going to find someone who owns them in my size and jack theirs. I bought a pair of Chris Paul’s 2’Quicks today because they were on sale, looked nice, and had a splash of purple on ’em. I’ll definitely have to keep my brown Ace 83 beaters around for when I have to do work or something. I love those shoes. They’re crazy comfortable. But barring a few small exceptions (I’m going to say that I’ll hold myself to… less than five, including the ones I’ve mentioned here), I want a closet full of Air Forces, and also an apartment in San Francisco big enough to fit all of them.

Comfort is what it comes down to, really, with fashion and flexibility a close second and third. My Air Forces are the most comfortable shoes I own, and I love how they feel. Just the right amount of padding, just enough space to breathe but not so much that my feet are swimming in the shoes… I could probably roll laceless if I wanted to, which is always nice with the right outfit.

I’ve been thinking a lot about fashion. Your clothes are one of the first things people notice about you. You send a message with the clothes you wear, whether you want to or not. What message am I sending? I’ve been really drilling down and trying to figure that out lately, and culling clothes that aren’t on-message. I’m going to be writing about it more in the future (probably tomorrow, matter of fact), but I think starting with the shoes and working my way from there.

I want to branch out into more colors, patterns, and configurations as a whole, and having a foundation that I can look at and not get bored with, that also can be accessorized and color-coordinated with the rest of what I wear, seems like a good idea. I bought two pairs of shoes today thanks to an incredibly well-timed sale. I went out expecting to spend a certain dollar amount for a specific pair of shoes, but I threw an extra 10 bucks into the mix and walked out with two fantastic alternate choices. I like the Jordan brand CP 2’Quicks I got, which are black, white, and purple. The other pair of shoes were Air Force 1 ’07s in velvet brown & birch-khaki, and I like them, too. The Air Forces are different enough from my tan ones that I have more wardrobe options now, too. I’m not going to go all-out sneakerhead (I’m not that rich!), but I want a nice, respectable collection of fashionable choices.

I feel good about this. It’s nothing in the scheme of things, obviously, but I feel good about it. I think it’s important to do things you feel good about while you can.

Now I just gotta figure out how to keep these dumb shoes clean. I may have to go back to storing them in the box, just so they stay pristine.

(I feel good about other decisions made in yesterday’s ugly haze, too, especially ramping up how many different ab exercises I do a day [as part of a revamped workout regimen] and eating more vegetables [because… wait, why am I eating all this broccoli, anyway?], but this one will have an immediate and obvious effect on my life.)

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6 comments to ““The dress code’s strictly white tee, Air Force 1s, and some Dickies.””

  1. This is something you and I are in total agreement on. Unless I’m out at a formal event or on the beach, I’m rocking AF1s. Love the comfort, love the design, love all the colors. Have a few pairs in different shades to color coordinate. It’s one of those things I can smile about finally doing when I see my closet full of shoes that I’ve always wanted. It’s not life-changing stuff, but I feel happy about it.

    The only real issue is the white ones blue up fast as a muhfucka unless you always keep ya blue jeans away from the back of the shoe. I got some shoe whitner but it doesn’t get rid of the whole problem.

  2. Great stuff.

    Those Kobe AF1s are nice, but I’m a sucker for a sneaker with a splash of purple. I think a mostly white shoe with a bit of purple looks great with a pair of fresh jeans.

    At the risk of going full nerd, that’s one of the things I really liked about the look of Saint’s Row the Third. Dark purple is a really underrated color and it can make any look pop.

    I’m really looking forward to reading more about your sense of fashion and style.

  3. I’ve never really been a fan of the louder AF1’s. I liked the classic white on white, and then white with a navy blue check.

    Back in the day, my uncle wore nothing but AF1 highs. I swear, dude had about 40 pairs at any given time. That, and a wrist full of bracelets and a neck full of chains. Add the slacks and the silk shirts he wore…It’s not a look I could ever pull of, but when he was doing it you couldn’t tell me he wasn’t the flyest cat out there.

  4. I will also say, while I enjoy looking at them in images, I’m not a fan of wearing Jordans at all. I think they tend to be too busy, and I prefer the more basic/classic sneaker. Classic sneakers lend themselves to a cleaner look IMHO. AF1s, rebook classics — at least back in the day — I wouldn’t wear then now, shell toes, chucks. Timeless. I would add Timberlands to this list as well.

    The more flashy sneakers that are tied to the big basketball player of the moment don’t tend to stand the test of time. Jordans, of course, are the exception to this rule, but I think they’re popular because they are essentially a status symbol. Jordans aren’t cheap, so if you wear Jordans, that means you’ve got dough. At least to a simpler mindset.

    Also, while they’re louder than the classic shoes I mentioned earlier, I will always have a deep love of Air Max 95s. God. I’ve never had a pair, and my feet are too damn big for them now, but those are some sexy shoes.

  5. I don’t see how Jordans can be too busy compared to the AM95. Besides, the IIIs are the greatest shoes of all time. I fucked up my Fire Reds last summer, but my black cements, white cements, and true blues are going with me to the grave. Sneakers are one of my favorite things ever next to comics, music and boobs.

  6. And speaking of purple and forces, these right here? These have stuck with me for a few years and I’ve worn the everloving fuck outta them, but some care, a toothbrush, and a mister clean magic eraser still has people asking me if they’re new


    I’m such a fucking geek.