DC’s New 52: Are You Ready For The World That’s Here?

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This is the week that DC throws everything at the same wall simultaneously and prays that at least 75% of it sticks. This means there are 52 new(ish) books hitting store shelves in September. You can check the list here. I went through and pulled out what I’m willing to pay cash money for and which I’m open to the idea of maybe someday reading.

Figure this might as well be an open thread for the New 52 in the comments too, huh? Discuss amongst yourselves. Do people still say that? Talk about your hopes and gripes or whatever for this New 52, unless they have to do with Wonder Woman’s pants (or lack thereof), in which case, please don’t.


Art by CAFU
Cover by CAFU and BIT
On sale SEPTEMBER 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
The DCU’s most wanted man stars in his own series!
Cole Cash is a charming grifter few can resist. And yet he’s about to be branded a serial killer when he begins hunting and exterminating inhuman creatures hidden in human form – creatures only he can see!

Can the biggest sweet talker of all time talk his way out of this one when even his brother thinks he’s gone over the edge?

I like Grifter, and Nathan Edmonson’s the writer behind Who Is Jake Ellis? with Tonci Zonjic. That book gives him a lot of leeway (Zonjic is a problem and the script is pretty good, too). CAFU I’m not as keen on. His art can be a bit pedestrian and stiff, which isn’t really what I’m looking for in… well in anything ever, really. See that Thunder Agents book? Hopefully this isn’t that.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
1:25 Variant cover by DAVID FINCH
RETROSOLICITED • On sale AUGUST 31 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US RATED T • Combo pack edition: $4.99 US
Comics superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make history! In a universe where super heroes are strange and new, Batman has discovered a dark evil that requires him to unite the World Greatest Heroes!

This spectacular debut issue is also offered as a special combo pack edition, polybagged with a redemption code for a digital download of the issue.

It’s Jim Lee, stupid. Lee’s great, still one of my favorite guys. Seeing him on some new familiar faces will be interesting. And Johns’s only competitor for big action writing is Mark Millar, and Johns has twice the heart that guy does. I think this’ll be a pretty good read.

Art and cover by SCOTT McDANIEL and
On sale SEPTEMBER 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
The brilliant, slightly awkward high school student Virgil Hawkins transforms into the cocky electromagnetic hero Static!

A mysterious tragedy forces the Hawkins family to relocate from Dakota to New York City! Virgil embarks upon new adventures in a new high school and a new internship at S.T.A.R. Labs!

As Static, he dons a new uniform and establishes a new secret headquarters! But is he ready to take on the new villains who lurk in New York City’s underworld?

John Rozum and Frazer Irving’s Xombi? Yeah, best DC comic of the past year. Maybe the past two or three years, frankly. It beats the pants off the Rucka/JHW3 Batwoman, Morrison’s Batman… pick your favorite comic and I’ll call it crap to drum up interest for this book I really want to do well. I trust Rozum, but I go back and forth on McDaniel. The past few years have seen me sour on him, but his art for this book looks to be in something of a new style, or at least a twist on his old style. I’m open to seeing where this one goes, and believe in it enough to put a few bucks on it.

Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG
On sale SEPTEMBER 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
The Gods walk among us. To them, our lives are playthings. Only one woman would dare to protect humanity from the wrath of such strange and powerful forces. But is she one of us – or one of them?

Wonder Woman is boring, but Azzarello is the truth, and Cliff Chiang is, too. Probably gonna be the best book of the relaunch.

But yo, those booty shorts they’re making her wear? She looks stupid without pants, and being in her underoos don’t make her more of a Wonder Woman than any other take on the character. Fans are terrible, and that was a stupid thing to bend on. Ugh.


Art and cover by MORITAT
On sale SEPTEMBER 28 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+
Even when Gotham City was just a one-horse town, crime was rampant – and things only get worse when bounty hunter Jonah Hex comes to town. Can Amadeus Arkham, a pioneer in criminal psychology, enlist Hex’s special brand of justice to help the Gotham Police Department track down a vicious serial killer? Find out in this new series from HEX writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, with lush artwork by Moritat (THE SPIRIT)!

All of these guys go a long way with me. Moritat just recently knocked The Spirit out of the park. Gray and Palmiotti did real well on Jonah Hex for a bunch of years. This sounds like more than that, swapping Jordi Bernet with Moritat. Good deal.

Problem: the price tag. Four bucks? Ehhh. Prices of DC books drop after a month, so I may pick this one up then.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
On sale SEPTEMBER 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
The superstar creators from BLACKEST NIGHT and BRIGHTEST DAY reunite to take AQUAMAN to amazing new depths!

Aquaman has renounced the throne of Atlantis – but the sea will not release Arthur Curry so easily. Now, from a forgotten corner of the ocean emerges… The Trench! A broken race of creatures that should not exist, an unspeakable need driving them, The Trench will be the most talked-about new characters in the DC Universe!

I want to like Aquaman.


Cover by RYAN SOOK
On sale SEPTEMBER 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
The witch known as The Enchantress has gone mad, unleashing forces that not even the combined powers of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg can stop. And if those heroes can’t handle the job, who will stand against this mystical madness?

Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna and John Constantine may be our only hope – but how can we put our trust in beings whose very presence makes ordinary people break out in a cold sweat?

Is this going to be the Mixtape Milligan, or are we gonna have to sit through another Carter IV? I’m a little iffy on Mikel Janin’s art, too. It looks too CG. It’s not terrible really, but it definitely looks like 3D models posed and placed on a background. Drives me crazy.

The thought of the Mixtape Milligan writing John Constantine in the DC Universe is pretty funny, though.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by GREG CAPULLO
On sale SEPTEMBER 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for more information.

The red-hot GREEN LANTERN team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke introduce an unexpected new Lantern.

Sinestro might be just the shot in the arm this series needs. Mahnke drawing aliens and mayhem is always fun, too.

Variant cover by ETHAN VAN SCIVER
On sale SEPTEMBER 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Be here for the start of a new era for The Dark Knight from writer Scott Snyder (AMERICAN VAMPIRE, BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM) and artist Greg Capullo (Spawn)! A series of brutal killings hints at an ancient conspiracy, and Batman learns that Gotham City is deadlier than he knew.

Snyder’s run on Detective Comics was incredibly unsatisfying (imagine biting into a really nice piece of cake and slowly appreciating every bite, only then Dan Didio rushes into the room and tells you that you gotta wrap it up so we can relaunch the cake, so you rewrite your icing so that the is-he-or-isn’t-he-a-serial-killer-creep mystery turns into “oh he just chopped off all of someone’s limbs and is giving crappy speeches out of B movies about the nature of evil” showcase, aren’t you glad that two good artists were wasted on this comic book?), but had a solid start. Capullo’s cartoony style looks pretty cool, too. Hopefully this is a good Batman story?

Art and cover by JESUS SAIZ
On sale SEPTEMBER 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
One is wanted for a murder she didn’t commit. The other is on the run because she knows too much. They are Dinah Laurel Lance and Ev Crawford – a.k.a. Black Canary and Starling – and together, as Gotham City’s covert ops team, they’re taking down the villains other heroes can’t touch. But now they’ve attracted the attention of a grizzled newspaper reporter who wants to expose them, as well as a creepy, chameleon-like strike team that’s out to kill them.

Don’t miss the start of this hard-hitting new series from mystery novelist/comics writer Duane Swierczynski (Expiration Date, Cable).

I dunno, I like Swierczynski’s novels and his comics are sometimes pretty okay. He definitely did well on Iron Fist. Maybe this’ll be good? Despite my prejudice against the very idea of pro-active covert ops superheroes, I mean.

Cover by J.G. JONES
On sale SEPTEMBER 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
The world’s third-smartest man – and one of its most eligible bachelors – uses his brains and fists against science gone mad in this new series from Eric Wallace (TITANS) and Roger Robinson!

Michael Holt is the head of a successful high-tech corporation and an institute that recruits and encourages the finest minds of the next generation to excel. As Mister Terrific he inhabits a world of amazement few others know exists, let alone can comprehend.

I talked myself into really wanting this, and then DC went and replaced the artist on the next few issues (which is crap, the series just started) and everyone I know who has read Eric Wallace comics reminded me that he’s writing one of DC’s dumbest books (perhaps #2–Outsiders is pretty atrocious) and that maybe Final Crisis: Ink wasn’t as good as I thought it was.

I hope this book is good.

O.M.A.C. #1
On sale SEPTEMBER 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
The all-seeing Brother Eye satellite has unleashed a new beast upon the DC Universe in this smashing new series! Kevin Kho has become an unwilling participant in a war between Checkmate and Brother Eye as he is transformed into the One Machine Army Corp known only as O.M.A.C.!

Yeah, crap, I–so Didio is trash as a writer, right? We’re talking bad, not incomprehensible bad but “writes comics that aren’t worth reading” bad. Bad enough that I completely wrote off his pet series. But the thought of Keith Giffen drawing Kirby, which is sure to be great–yeah, you know what? Never mind. As much as I want to see Giffen’s Kirby, this is probably going to be awful. Sorry for making you read these sentences. Maybe they’ll publish it unlettered.


Art and cover by ED BENES and ROB HUNTER
On sale SEPTEMBER 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+
Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps return in their own series, battling against injustice in the most bloody ways imaginable!

Ed Benes is comics poison. I like Milligan, but this comic will be unreadable. I just wanted to remind you not to buy Ed Benes comics, no matter how tempted you may be.

There are others I might be open to trying. Maybe Levitz’s Legion will convince me to finally like that series (probably not, even Waid and Kitson couldn’t make me stick around). Flash will be pretty, I’m sure. Oh yeah, I like Mahmud Asrar, the artist on Supergirl, and that writing team is pretty solid. Simon Bisley is going to be drawing a bit of Deathstroke, so I’ll probably roll through for those issues. Nobody beats the Biz, right?

Right. I don’t even really know what people mean whey they say something is metal, but I bet that’s it.

I just don’t feel a driving need to check out anything past the ones I already want to buy, and that’s… that’s not good, is it? The rest of my list is basically “Would buy it if I got bored and heard good things about it from friends and if the price were cheaper” and “Would buy it if I got bored and somehow ran out of the other comics I read,” then.

But before this, I was buying exactly one DC Comics (Xombi) and now I’m buying four. That’s in addition to Hellblazer and American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest. So four definite and eight possibles on top of that? Probably a pretty good run for someone like me.

Anybody else want to talk out their New 52 interests?

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31 comments to “DC’s New 52: Are You Ready For The World That’s Here?”

  1. I want to like Aquaman.

    I feel the same damn way.

  2. I’m with you on your Top four, but I’m getting quite a few more books along with those.

    As a huge Superman mark, I always buy Superman and Action Comics regardless of creative team or the character actually starring in the book. Action is THE book I’m looking forward to. I’m also picking up Superboy and Supergirl, but if they don’t impress me early on they’re dropped.

    Batwoman-Been looking forward to this for a long time. If nothing else it will be gorgeous.

    All Star Western-I’ll give it a shot. Another book that’ll look great.

    Mr. Terrific-I want this to be good, so I’ll play the optimist and pick it up.

    Legion Lost-I always like it when the Legion interact with our present day. Big fan of Pete Woods, and I like the interesting team lineup as well.

    Flash-Holy Moley the preview art for this book…wow. Also I hope Barry wears his bowtie. Bowties are cool!

    Blue Beetle-Loved the series by Giffen, Rogers, Hamner and Albuquerque. I figure this new book is going to be a little different (more serious), but I think it could be good in its own way.

    Stormwatch-Looks pretty crazy.

    I, Vampire-This series wasn’t on my radar until I saw some art for it at SDCC. Now I’m very intrigued.

    Animal Man and Frankenstein-Jeff Lemire! Let’s get weird.

    Along with those, I’m kinda interested in Batwing, Aquaman, Firestorm and Swamp Thing.So, depending on how I feel when those books come out, I might pick them up as well.

  3. That cake metaphor really unraveled into just plain speech.

  4. I wouldn’t mind liking Aquaman too, but I think DC really missed the boat by not using this reboot to revamp him so that he picked up some of his Batman: Brave and the Bold counterpart’s traits.

  5. I don’t think there is anything that is a definite buy with me from the relaunch. But I’m willing to give a couple a scan in the store and see if the first issue is worth checking out. Mainly DnA on “Resurection Man” and Robinson on “The Shade”. The former have been killing at Marvel, but from what I’ve heard their recent DC work has been pretty lacking. But hopefully this will be more like their original run that I’ve heard good things about. Or thier Legion book, which was pretty damn good…

    As for the latter, I’m hoping its 90s era Robinson and not “Cry for Justice” Robinson. I mean the Black Lantern Shade one-shot was pretty groovy, so fingers crossed on that one…

  6. Oh and that Trench thing from the “Aquaman” solicit sounds exactly like something Erik Larson did during his brief run on the title… :raise:

  7. I’ll be picking up Static Shock, JL Dark, Action Comics, and Batman in print, everything else is going to wait until the digital price drop.

    Right now I’m planning on grabbing the first digital issues of Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Blue Beetle, Frankenstein, Nightwing, Grifter, Stormwatch, Legion Lost, and All-Star Western, and then if I hear good things about Demon Knights, I Vampire, Sgt Rock, Batwing, and/or Catwoman I might give those a shot as well.

  8. I don’t know if the Deathstroke cover is *metal* per se, but it’s definitely channeling old Heavy Metal covers (and to a lesser extent, 2000AD).

    And Giffen is totally channeling Kirby in OMAC. Which is sad because I refuse to read anything written by Didio.

  9. I’m trying like thirty of these (and I was buying maybe six or seven DC titles before – I am vulnerable to trying new creative teams, what can I say). Despite Benes, I still want to give Red Lanterns at least one issue, just because of the novelty of a writer like Milligan writing a Geoff Johns napalm-blood-vomit concept.

    On the subject of Scott McDaniel, David: did you ever try the Great Ten mini from last year? I am a man who loves some Grant-Bats, and I will honestly say that Great Ten was frequently as good or better than Batman and Robin. Scott McDaniel did some solid work, especially with the layouts. He did this great thing with panel borders for flashbacks, you should really try to find at least the first issue to see what I’m talking about (Great Ten sold so horribly that DC apparently has no plans to collect it). Tony Bedard does career-best work making a team that had seemed generic and borderline offensive into a group of really interesting and cool characters. Plus, it has that diversity that we all love so much: the cast is all Chinese, barely a white person or even an American in sight, and the story draws a lot on Chinese culture and history in an interesting way.

  10. Definitely: Action Comics, Legion of Superheroes
    Definitely Maybe: Demon, Animal Man, Green Lantern, OMAC
    Maybe but probably not: Birds of Prey, Stormwatch, Flash

  11. That Deathstroke cover is totally Metal.

  12. I guess it’s not really discussion if I’m just listing titles, so here’s why I’m picking up what I am.

    Paper books: If DC wises up at some point in the future and makes their stuff same-date/lower price I’ll go 100% digital on single books, but for now these are the things that I’m looking forward to enough that I’ll buy in print rather than wait four weeks for the cheaper digital versions.

    Static Shock – Based on Rozum’s work on Xombi I’m in for at least as long as he is. McDaniel wouldn’t have been my first choice for artist, but I thought he was a good fit for Nightwing back in the day, so I’ll give it a shot.

    JL Dark – Yes, Milligan is one of the most erratic writers in comics quality wise, but I’ve been digging his Hellblazer run, so like you I’m hoping that Constantine in the DCU will be a good time.

    Action Comics – Admitedly some of Morrison’s comments have started to sour my view of him, but I’m still in for at least a story arc on here.

    Batman – I’ve been digging American Vampire and Snyder’s run on Detective, so I’m giving this a shot. I was originally planning on buying this one on Comixology, but on a whim decided to have it added to my pull list a couple weeks ago.

    Digital Stuff: (i.e. the comics I’m wanting to read, but have no problems with waiting until they drop in price)

    Swamp Thing – Again, based entirely on Snyder’s previous body of work. Anything he does I’ll at least give it a look.

    Frankenstein/Animal Man – I thought Lemire did a decent job on the Flashpoint Frankenstein book, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about Sweet Tooth (I picked up the first 5 issues on Comixology when they had the Vertigo sale awhile back but haven’t gotten around to reading them yet) so I’ll give his DCU work a shot.

    Blue Beetle – I was originally going to buy this in print based on how much I liked the character from the Giffen and Rogers run, but then realized that was dumb since this is a completely different creative team and Bedard is pretty hit-or-miss with me, so I “downgraded” this to a digital book.

    Nightwing – While I’ve 99% of the way gone to just following creators rather than characters, I still have a soft spot for Nightwing since somehow that was the book that got me back into comics during college.

    Grifter – THAT. FUCKING MASK. But yeah, a good writer and decent artist means I’m in for an issue or two.

    Stormwatch/Legion Lost – These are books I’m not expecting much from, but I’ll give them an issue and if they grab me I’ll stick with them. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Legion, but I like Pete Woods, so I’m looking into L.Lost rather than the “main” book.

    Demon Knights/All-Star Western/Sgt Rock/I, Vampire – I’ll get an issue of each of these to help support DC’s non-cape books (well, partially disguised cape books in all likelyhood) but if they aren’t any good I won’t be sticking with them.

    Batwing/Catwoman – I tend to enjoy Winick’s work but I also usually go in with low expectations, so I’ll be doing the same here.

  13. David, I don’t understand you picking on CAFU for being stiff, and then bring up your love for Jim Lee. It’s like Frank Miller shitting on Identity Crisis for being sexist.

    The most definite picks would be something like:

    Action Comics: Morrison writes the best Superman. Don’t talk about Busiek and Johns, don’t namedrop Moore or Jurgens, Morrison’s Superman is the one which all versions of the character should be measured against. Will probably be the best book in September.

    Batman: Snyder’s Detective Comics was not the holy grail the rest of the internet says it was, but he has a clear love for the material and Capullo is good, in a fake Image Comics kinda way. But damn, this nigga draws the UGLIEST Joker I’ve seen since fake-Sienkivwicz did on Morrison’s Arkham Asylum. That’s gonna take some getting used to.

    Batgirl: I wonder when will be able to talk about this comic without getting into a debate about her losing the wheelchair. I’m gonna wager on issue #7.

    Wonder Woman: Pretty much what you said

    Stormwatch: Mostly to see how the fuck they manage to use Martian Manhunter on Stormwatch, although I hear they’re fighting the MOON in issue #3, so there’s that, too.

    All-Star Western: Man, look at that price tag. First contender for cancellation goes to….

    Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE: Ok nevermind, THIS will the best book of the new 52

  14. I want to like Aquaman. But I definitely don’t like Ivan Reis. Aquaman should be a lighthearted book with brigh colors and bold shapes. More Darwyn Cooke than David Finch.

    I’m open to Wonder Woman and I am confident that it’ll be the best comic of the crop. That funny looking Frankenstein looks tempting.

    I’m interested in Action Comics, no matter how much of a dick Morrison acts like in his public outpourings. From X-Men to Batman Inc, I think he can make a punch-comic work well.

    Other than that, I’m sure that I will find some nook or crevise of interest as yet undiscovered to capture my interest.

  15. I don’t think any are worth my digital $4, but once they go down (to $2, I would hope), I will cherry pick a few. Probably JLA because I love the team, maybe Stormwatch because of Cornell, and possibly JLA Dark, of all things because I wanna see Constantine pick the normal DCU apart.

    Beyond that, I’m probably trade-waiting.

  16. Man, I’m with you on a lot of this. Gotta implore you to give the first two issues of Mister Terrific a shot though. They’ve (at the moment) got Gianluca Gugliotta on art, who is totally one of those artists who, when they’re on, do outstanding stuff.

    As for me my main draws are:

    Static Shock: I only just got into milestone recently, through a combo of posts here relate to the line, and finding some of the trades, but I’m in love with just about every aspect of that line, so the chance to experience something even a little bit like it (and with Rozum on board it seems fairly likely it will be) is just such a treat.

    Batwoman: C’mon, it’s BATWOMAN. Even putting aside my JHWIII love, this is gonna have Amy Reeder on alternating arcs, who is more than anyone my solution to the stagnation of western comics art. Sure, it’s largely manga-inspired, but she’s doing it right, and since when was that such a bad thing anyway?: (90% of OEL manga excluded)

    Hawk & Dove: I’m probably wrong on this one, but Rob Liefeld is the second nicest person in comics and has charmed me into wanting this so bad.

    Demon Knights: Diogenes Neves, when fully unleashed, is an art monster. He’s just got this thing that’s somewhere between house-style and european sensibilities that I just love. Combine that with Paul Cornell and Shining Knight being a character and I’m eternally in love.

    So… yeah.

    Big no goes out to The Dark Knight and Red Lanterns, both because of the art. Not even Finch in the case of TDK (he does what he does okay, and that’s what matters), but rather Jay Fabok on fill-ins, who is just about the uneasiest artist on the eyes I’ve ever seen.

    … okay that’s an exaggeration.

  17. I think you got a lot of valid reasons for being skeptical about a lot of those books being good. Especially O.M.A.C. I haven’t seen enough of Janin but his work had me super interested in the JLA: Dark book. That and the Ryan Sook covers because I just like Ryan Sook way too much.

    The definitely books for me right now are:
    Action Comics for Morrison and to see just how illustrator-y Rags is going to get on art because that dude’s super into brushwork these days.
    Wonder Woman because I have pretty much everything Cliff Chiang has done except that super boring Zatanna stuff with Paul Dini. Man that was boring. Also because Dr. 13 was the truth.
    Batman and Robin because I’m still holding onto the hope that Tomasi and Gleason will turn in something as fast and crazy moving as their run on Green Lantern Corps.

    The Maybe but I’m at least getting these first issues are:

    JLA Dark, like you said, Milligan can be really dope or just whatever so I’m hoping for the former.
    Swamp Thing which, at first I was really unsure about because of that cake analogy exactly but then I saw preview art from Yanick Paquette and then said screw it, this is happening. Stuff looks too good to sleep on.
    Animal Man because Travel Foreman’s art isn’t typical DC superhero stuff and I appreciate that and the aesthetic looks cool so I want it to be good.
    Frankenstein I just want more S.H.A.D.E. I’m getting a lot of the “not Vertigo but kind of Vertigo” books even though I’m not really tied to the characters but they seemed to get the coolest creative teams.

    The ones I hope are good but I really doubt will be so if they don’t suck I’ll buy them are:
    New Guardians Pretty much had to drop all my Green Lantern stuff because it’s all pretty bad but Kyle Rayner is my boy. Dude’s kind of Mexican so I’ve considered him my Green Lantern and buy garbage he’s in all the time… but this Tyler Kirkham dude is too much.
    Blue Beetle because I think Jaime is dope and that first series was pretty awesome but I don’t know much about this one and those covers turned me off before I found much out beyond that.

  18. totally going to give static shock a whirl, but otherwise i have no clue…

  19. I’ll always be interested in the Legion

    The others of this lot :-


    and the JLA is something I’ve generally followed

    Batgirl I could be interested in

  20. JLA Dark because I like Milligan sometimes a lot, and I love all of the characters.

    Batwoman. Always down for some Amy Reeder.

    Demon Knights. Paul Cornell and characters I like.

    And oh what the hell. JLA. That’s sure to be the best book of the relaunch.

    JLA Dark is definitely my most anticipated title.

  21. Maybe I’ll buy Action Comics but maybe not? Probably buying Wonder Woman for the creative team. I’ll wait on the press on Milligan and Janin’s book with the awful title.

    Most of my funnybook money is going toward ordering King City this week. I’m really anti-excited about another Marvel/DC relaunch.

  22. Haven’t solidified my list, but will for sure get Blue Beetle. I think DC’s going to be guarding this iteration pretty closely, and Static, since both characters have steadily built marketing strength over the years. Played right, it’ll continue.

    As for the talent…well, Tony Bedard’s said he thinks DC put him on the book because he’s Hispanic (Puerto Rican). He also said he knows Puerto Ricans aren’t Mexicans, and he’s been keeping those differences in mind when writing the characters. Seeing a comic writer address issues like that makes me hopeful. Not just for the type of dedication to the character, but the self-awareness.

    Funny, I just noticed that DC’s got Bedard writing the books for the only two major Mexican-American/Hispanic characters.

    And as an aside, I’ll definitely be getting Static as well. Despite the fact that it’s looking to be a great book, I also figure Rozum will at least try find a way to bring in more Milestone characters. I’d love to see Virgil dealing with the Blood Syndicate or Icon.

  23. Oh, and Action Comics for sure. Interested in seeing where Morrison will take Superman given the constraints of the new universe. I’m sure it’ll be a sight.

  24. If anyone’s going to read Action Comics, y’all might as well pick up the 1938-1940 leftwing-populist Superman stories that Morrison’s going to crib from, preferably in a way that doesn’t enrich DC.

    Send the money to the estates of the creators instead as a tax-deductible gift – everyone wins.

  25. The ones I’ll cop:

    Swamp Thing – I’ve yet to read Moores’ run so this will be my first time reading the character. I vaguely remember the B movies from the 80’s and know this’ll be completely opposite. Snyder is a writer that I just to always bring something interesting to a project. And the combo of Yannick and Francseco (sp?) makes this a sure cop.

    Demon Knights – Somewhat like Legion in that it has it’s own corner of th DCU to play with, which to me is always a plus. Cornell is another writer I trust to come thru with a good story. The art just adds to the appeal.

    Wonder Woman – An iconic character that many don’t view as iconic. Too many seem to try and protect her – focusing on her waredobe, if she’s turned into too much of a warrior, etc. This book has the most interesting creative team of any 52 title. Very interested to see their take on WW.

    Animal Man – Have yet to read Morrisons’ run from back in the day, so this will be a first as well. Lemire is a writer I don’t have too much experience with, just what I’ve heard. The art previewed is so fa the biggest selling point. Plus the fact that it has hero as something that’s hard to come by recently, especially at DC, – a family man.

    Static Shock – Why DC didn’t try to bring him along with Damien and Blue Beetle into the Teen Titans as opposed to going the Titans Shore route is beyond me but nice to see Static or any Milestine character getting a spotlight. Even do I was a bit indifferent to Xombi, it should still be going but having Rozum writting this is a nice gesture.

    Aquaman – He should be a more respected superhero. 75 percent of the world is his Gotham. What we call shark week is his walkng the dogs. The fact that Johns and co plan to play with the no respect aspect increases my interest.

    Batwing – The whole Bat line could be filled with Batman Inc spinoffs and be better for it but having one is nice. Haven’t read a lot of Winnick but, like a lot of things with the Relaunch, I’m willing to give it a shot. The whole tag line of Batman of Africa is unsuprisingly dissappointing. Best hope fo the series – it’s successful enough to warrent a Justice League of Africa mini series, allowing James Robinson to finally write the team he’s been teasing.

    Static Shock – Even do I was indifferent to Xombi, never would I think that it should be axed as it was. Rozum writing this giives me hope that the books in good hands. Hopefully, this does well enough that DC puts more effort into spolighting the Milestone characters. Why DC doesn’t group Static, Damien and Jaime Reyes in with the Teen Titans as opposed to Jersey Shoring it up is beyond me.

    Blue Beetle – I missed Jaimes debut series ( plan to read it though) so I’m interested in this run acting as an intro to the character.

    Action Comics – Morrisons’ my favorite writer so seeing how he plans to pen stories about a 70 year old character that the company is in a bit of a legal ( and moral ) struggle to keep while using the stories by the creators ( or estates) that are looking to regain ownership as inspiration turns out. Something Morrison gets that many others miss about Superman is that the character doesn’t view himself as a god, others around him do. Yet, instead of running from it or running crazy with it, the character doesn’t let his power become a burden. It’s just his gift, a talent, that like any, can be shaped and used to improve ones situation. This is somewhat similar to how Hickmans handled Reed Richards in his FF run. Supes situation just happens to be looking after his adopted home and its inhabitants.

    Mr. Terrific – Smart men ( or women) of action is something I dig. It’s said that knowledge is power. Seeing a character flex that in a story appeals to me.

    Flash – Writer/ artist runs are allows interesting. And Manapul is a great artist. If he’s half as good a writer as he is a penciler, this title can be great, something the Flash has struggled to be recently. Not due to the art though.


    Justice League – This is the flagship book for DC now. It should have been for while though. Perhaps, due to the creators rank within the company, editorial won’t meddle too much and will let them lead the way for the new DCU. I get the sense that this the book Johns has been crafting in his head for a while now. ( Not suprising given his claim to go all KRS One with diss verses in terms of having stories planned for characters even at Marvel.) Jim Lee, waredobe design desicions aside, is still proably THE star artists of superhero comics. Only Quietly currently rivals him really. I want be upset if he needs a fill in artist even before the end of the first arc. I just wonder – who the he’ll could they get to replace him?

    I, Vampire – It was the punching bag out of the announced titles. Most only thru darts at it due to a common era people make – judging a book by it’s cover. It’s been said ” I never sleep cuz sleeping is the cousin of death”. Could be one of the best books. Although, it’s got vampires. In love. We’ll see.

    Blackhawks/ Grifter – Next to Kung Fu and Romance, comics could use more spy/ black ops comics. Maybe one or both could scratch that itch a bit.

  26. I made no secret that I am picking up both Legion books and probably will give Static and Mr. Terrific a long look… Everything else I’ll trade wait on depending on friends’ reactions….

    I see that look now on the faces of friends who know how much I adored Stormwatch and WildC.A.T.S. but come on… these books are going to be like reading the Punisher who only used rubber bullets, batons and trank guns.

    Can you say domesticated and defanged? I know you can….

  27. This looks like a very exciting new coat of paint. If you squint hard enough, the Yugo might look like a Porsche.

  28. […] your new DC pull-list seems to be the done thing right now, and who am I to turn up an opportunity to […]

  29. Action Comics and Batwoman are two definitely’s for me. I might pick up Batman. Swamp Thing and Frankenstein are two other maybes for me.

  30. Was thinking of checking out:
    Action Comics
    Static Shock
    Mister Terrific
    Wonder Woman
    And maybe the Flash, Swamp Thing and Superboy for the art. Was even ready to get a subscription to most of them, as I don’t get out too often, until I saw that neither Static Shock or Mister Terrific (or Voodoo or Stormwatch for that matter) are available for subscribers. So fuck it, maybe I’ll pick up the trades. Eventually.

  31. OMAC is apparently getting good early buzz, I don’t think it’s that unbelievable that the book might not be crap. Giffen’s co-writing and will probably slap down anything offensively stupid and considering DiDio’s been selling the book as “I basically just write cool things for Giffen to draw.” that’s not too bad a pitch. That’s basically why Thunderbolts works.