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-Hey, I wrote some stuff. Maybe you missed it. I reviewed the Scott Pilgrim game, heaped some pro-black/pro-fessional praise on Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman, and Afua Richardson’s Genius, and wrote a surprisingly well-received piece on manga piracy.

-I didn’t do it, but this comic about a bee by Raina Telgemeier is fantastic.

-I’m still reading Shade (I’m up to volume 3, which I’m starting this weekend), but I also picked up Chi’s Sweet Home and Peepo Choo from Vertical, Inc. Jormungand 4 gets in today, I think, and it’ll probably remain my favorite funny action comic book about child soldiers.

Unforgiven on Blu-ray for eight bucks? That was Purchase On Sight. Wow.

-The countdown isn’t over. There’s one left. 1 Reader, maybe, or 1 Love.

Oh, what, comics come out today? Okay I guess we can talk about that.

David Easterman: Who cares about comical books? (but if that Green Lantern book Gav is buying is The Shield in Space, I might have to start picking that up).
Esther Cobblepot: Definitely: Batgirl 13 Maybe: Birds of Prey 4, Zatanna 4, Doc Savage 5
Jacob Gavin, Jr.: Buzzard 3, Booster Gold 35, Green Lantern Emerald Warriors 1, Justice League Generation Lost 7, Welcome To Tranquility One Foot In The Grave 2, Dark Wolverine 89, Invincible Iron Man 29, Steve Rogers Super-Soldier 2, Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 1

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4 comments to “The Cipher 08/11/10”

  1. really great write-up on Genius, i love Afua’s work and i can’t wait for the book to actually get a series beyond the #1. i’ve been waiting forever!

    i wish i could play the Scott Pilgrim game but i’m console-less. i’m a little bummed you can’t select/play as Knives, though. and i can’t get past Ramona’s weird red underoos she’s wearing which i guess are supposed to be shorts.

  2. @ross: You can actually change Ramona’s hotpants(/boyshorts/underwear???), kinda. She has several selectable colors, and some of them change her skin toned legs to something that’s clearly tights. It’s fun enough that if you’ve got friends with a PS3, you should con/strong-arm them into picking it up. It’s a trip on multiplayer. Oh, and Knives is a striker, which is kind of cool. She does different attacks depending on who summons her.

    Genius is one of those books where, if I were independently wealthy, I’d just finance the whole thing and get it pumped out as an OGN a year or something, like Empowered.

    This is why I cannot be trusted with money.

  3. Is that Knives that they all summon? I do not know. I read the first volume and SP never clicked for me. I thought they all had someone different but in the middle of the brawl I didn’t look too closely.

    It’s a goddamn great title, though. Tried the demo and loved it, am picking up the full thing on payday.

    What do you think of Shade thus far, though? I myself thought Edge of Vision was the best chunk of series they’ve reprinted yet.

  4. @Syrg: Yeah, it’s Knives each time. She has a variety of attacks, depending, but you already knew that. It’s kind of a cool implementation, I think.

    I’m really digging Shade. It’s been really interesting reading it alongside Milligan’s Hellblazer.