Fourcast! 59: Fortnight in Review

August 30th, 2010 by | Tags: , ,

-Two Weeks of Comics!
-Several minutes of reviews!
-Esther read stuff like Tiny Titans, Superman/Batman, Action Comics, and Dark Wolverine.
-David hasn’t been to a comic shop in a couple weeks, so aside from New Mutants, he’s been reading regular books.
-Books like Peepo Choo, Chi’s Sweet Home, Lobster Johnson
Here’s what Chris Butcher said about Chi’s that finally got me to buy it.
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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4 comments to “Fourcast! 59: Fortnight in Review”

  1. Quick question for your next one: did your LCBS carry Heralds (Marvel) before you ordered it? Because mine didn’t and it was an Eisner Award nominee last year. That’s F’ed up.

  2. …the store, I mean, not Heralds.

  3. I feel the same about most of DC’s output as Esther does about Marvel. Neither company is really any better at accessability than the other.

  4. […] The latest Fourcast includes reviews of Chi’s Sweet Home and Peepo Choo. [4th Letter!] […]