Fourcast! 58: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Movie

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is out!
-It is, of course, based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s fantastic comics series.
-Spoiler: both of us liked it.
-Spoiler: Esther hasn’t read the books.
-Spoiler: David is totally in like with Aubrey Plaza.
-Spoiler: After the movie, he may also be totally in like with Ellen Wong, aka Knives Chau.
-At the end of the movie, David really thought that Scott was going to choose Knives over Ramona. While he’s okay with the fact that it didn’t happen, it would have been a nice twist.
-Capitalism: You can buy volume one or volume six, or really any of the books, for like six bucks on Amazon.
-Capitalism: You can also buy this bundle, but I dunno. I’m no math major, in fact I can only count to four, but I think that the individual books are cheaper than the bundle. But hey, it’s your cash, homey.
-Capitalism: There’s a soundtrack, too.
-The movie’s good, y’all. Stop worrying about the box office. It doesn’t matter, it has no bearing on how good the movie is, and however much money it did or didn’t make should not affect your opinion of the film or reflect your taste in comics.
-Besides, if it only did okay, then you get to pretend like no one has ever heard of your favorite movie, so you can use phrases like “cult favorite” and “sleeper hit.”
-Seriously, shut up about the box office.
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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8 comments to “Fourcast! 58: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Movie”

  1. The Vegan police scene was made even funnier by the fact that they were using Green Lasers to sap Superman of his powers 🙂

  2. @Rick: I assumed that was an eco thing. But kryptonite is probably more accurate.

  3. Oh wow, what’s your job, David? I felt like you mentioned translating in a previous post. Do you do localization or something?

  4. I liked that Scott actually “beat” Todd instead of being saved by a D.E.M.

    also I’m with David, I kind of fell for the non-twist

  5. Yeah, I fell for the twist too, even though that would have been totally wrong on Scott’s part, since she didn’t have a birthday in the movie and thus, she was still jailbait. But regardless, he screwed her around and only really used her as an escape from real emotional involvement, and I think they both figured that out.

    The box office thing goes both ways: Somebody tell certain people (Dorian Wright) to stop twittering about it, ok? I get it, nerd buzz doesn’t always translate into mainstream success.

    I’ve never understood why it matters what kind of profits an example of entertainment media makes. I guess it’s part of the total personal investment that some people have with things. I guess this movie represented the possibility of indie comics achieving mainstream success, or something. Personally, it doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t profit from success or lack thereof, and I’m not going to angst over how it did. Edgar Wright is still going to make films – in fact, he’s writing that Tintin movie Spielberg is directing, and directing an Ant-Man movie. So yeah, who cares.

  6. @tim: The easy answer is “video game consulting,” but I do a range of things from technical writing to localizing to video editing to whatever people ask me to do.

    @Lugh: It matters because people have either a) a desperate need to prove that their entertainment has some redeeming value/isn’t for children (see also: “Video games are art”) or b) a desperate need to prove their superiority over other people by crowing about how poorly X performed compared to buzz.

    Both are stupid. I’d love it if Atlas sold a milli every month, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to scream and shout about how unfair it is that it doesn’t or plead with people to read it out of some kind of charity. If you like it, read(/watch/consume/make love with) it. That’s where it stops. There is no responsibility beyond paying for something you spent time with.

    Basically, down with Team Comics, and down with anti-Team Comics, too. Just like things or don’t, do look to outside sources to prove your worth.

    Pretty much, the only time it’s appropriate to talk box office (or sales in general, really) is when you’re examining trends (“This comic started at 50k and sharply shot downward with issue ##, coincidentally with the arrival of _____”) or business practices. Money is not an indicator of quality or taste.

  7. ALso I loved the video game music, hearing the main theme from A Link to the Past immidiately brought happy memories. Then Scott trying to play the FFII theme

    (hey unrelated but did you write the guide to that? I looked at the cover and did a double take at the author name. Kudos on beating it, level up system in that game just kicks my ass)

  8. I care about how much money something makes if I want there to be more of it (TV series, movie series, comics). But Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was a complete story, so while I feel a little bad for the studio people, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.