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Being a quick roundup, with commentary, of my favorite music videos of the week. A weekly feature, barring a week where no one with talent releases a music video worth watching. This first week is playing catchup a little, so you might’ve seen some of these before. Videos subject to go down for copyright violations, so browse wisely.

Big Boi – Fo Yo Sorrows feat. Too Short, George Clinton, SamChris
Let’s be honest: I grew up on OutKast, and they are definitely the greatest rap group of all time. Andre 3000 built a rep as the poet and Big Boi as the pimp, but over the past few years, Big Boi has shown that both halves of the duo are both skilled on the mic and eccentric on the beats. This video features Too $hort, who is way older than I expected but still the same old G on his four bars, and “Just to let you know that everything is straight/I say stank you very much ’cause we appreciate the hate/Now go get yourself a handgun, you fuckin wit a great/ Put it your mouth and squeeze it like your morning toothpaste.”

And, most importantly, it’s a music video with an extended break, something that probably hasn’t happened since the last time OutKast dropped.

Pac Div – Shut Up f. The Cool Kids
This beat is tremendous– it’s the kind of sparse speaker music that really knocks. Something to ride to with the volume all the way turned up. The way the beat spins down between verses… I’m a fan. “Don’t talk to me about fashion, dog, you be wildin/You still think Coogi stylin, who’s the stylist?”

Below the cut: Reflection Eternal, Joell Ortiz, Bobby Ray, and more Reflection Eternal.

Reflection Eternal – Strangers feat. Bun B
The new Reflection Eternal album is going to be something serious, judging by this song. A southern drawl with a conscious bent, and Bun B comes out in the end to crush the whole affair. The south has five people who are kings at wrecking someone else’s song: Scarface, Ludacris, Andre 3000, Young Jeezy, and Bun B. His track record holds up.

Reflection Eternal – In This World
Hi-Tek is a monster producer. I kinda want the instrumental to this one.

Joell Ortiz – Nissan, Honda, Chevy feat. Jim Jones
Sometimes an artist puts out a song with a beat they didn’t deserve. Lloyd Banks’s “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley” was entirely unremarkable and forgettable, save for the beat, which is light, almost haunting, and entirely dope. Joell Ortiz flipped it to “Nissan, Honda, Chevy,” Jim Jones got on a remix, and then they dropped a video. Joell is one of the hardest out, and Jimmy Jones has a good showing, too. Jones is in the middle of a career renaissance with this Blackroc/Dame Dash collaboration.

Pill – Hear Somebody Comin’
NahRight’s One Shot videos are generally great, and this one is no different. This song is harder than a Spanish test, with Pill going in on a busy beat over three verses. “Monopolize the wordplay, a swordsman with the pen tip, you better call authorities after my third gin sip…”

Bobby Ray (B.o.B.) – Nothin On You feat. Bruno Mars
“You’re my Wonder Woman, call me Mr. Fantastic… stop. now think about it ;)”

I hope Bobby Ray sells a million billion copies.

Akira/99 Red Ballons
This is… the bit on the bed with the toys is sublime.

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