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Spoilers for the latest issue of Red Robin.

I picked up Red Robin and saw that, on the last page, Stephanie Brown appears.  “Appear,” is actually a mild word for her presence.  She’s the cliffhanger at the end of the book.

Tim, after wandering around Gotham re-connecting with old friends and old foes, finally comes home to the Batcave and finds her, fully suited up in the new Batgirl suit.  Not only that, but she mentions that during their last meeting he forbade her to be Spoiler anymore.

Seeing her there made me sad.  Not because I don’t want them to meet up again, but because it was in Tim’s book.  There’s a long standing tradition of speculating about the winner in fights between characters, but the answer almost always depends on whose book it is.  Sure, Stephanie messes up a lot in her own book, but her chances of winning over Tim in this one are slim-to-none.

Okay, it’s true that alert reader Nathan Valle wasn’t lying when he said that Tim was lightening up.  In this issue we saw him enjoying life an sharing a man-hug with his best friend.  Still.  He didn’t look happy when he saw Stephanie.  I was annoyed as hell at the last story they shared in both Robin and Red Robin.  I hope he doesn’t back-slide in the next issue.

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3 comments to “Location, Location, Location”

  1. Pretty sure Yost is determined to keep Tim dating the more exotic ladies. Steph’s just too blonde for him.

    As much as I never want Dick and Babs or Dick and Kory to get together again, I’d like to see Tim and Steph enjoy a more mature relationship one day, but I don’t think it will be soon.

  2. My internet reputation remains unblemished.

  3. “Sure, Stephanie messes up a lot in her own book, but her chances of winning over Tim in this one are slim-to-none.”

    well it did say “to be continued in batgirl #8” so the ball is in her court.

    anyway solicits (and Tim’s desperation) make it seem like they don’t fight and go right into the team up to take down Ra’s Al Ghul