Tom Brevoort: Marvel Vice Prez?

January 20th, 2010 by | Tags: ,

This one comes courtesy of David Uzumeri, who spotted this headline on Marvel.com and wasn’t quick enough to write a post about it first! Did Tom Brevoort get a promotion from Executive Editor to Vice Prez? Congrats!

edit: Thanks to Graeme McMillan, who asked someone in Marvel who said that yes, Brevoort is Vice Prez. Congratulations! Brevoort’s edited some of Marvel’s best books, including the Waid/Ringo Fantastic Four, Joe Casey’s Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, some of Priest’s run on Black Panther, and, Gavin’s personal favorite, Double Dragon.

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3 comments to “Tom Brevoort: Marvel Vice Prez?”

  1. So does this put him above Joe Q?

  2. Smack-Talkinist VP ever

  3. […] The 4th Letter points out that Marvel Comics’ web site now refers to Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort as Marvel Vice President Tom Brevoort.  Robot 6 notes that Steve Wacker and Axel Alonso have also received promotions at the company. […]