Fourcast! Updated!

January 4th, 2010 by | Tags:

The RSS feed and iTunes should be working now. I think I broke something on the backend, though, so pardon this post this consists entirely of the theme song while I check things out. If my guess is right, this won’t publish to iTunes, so this is a website exclusive. Download it, stream it, do whatever while I try to fix this thing.

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2 comments to “Fourcast! Updated!”

  1. I agree, there really should be big-budget animated superhero films, beyond the direct-to-DVD stuff. My dream would be to see the entire Batman: No Man’s Land arc animated.

    And yeah, Gotham Underground started out great, but made no sense. They had Spoiler randomly going invisible and punching out Robin and Oracle and they never explained whether that was actually Steph Brown or not. It was odd.

  2. @Maddy: Yes, Gotham Underground did turn into a mess. And it was all done, I think to set up a new Gotham Gang Leader who then got knocked down by Black Mask. Gang leader has to be the crappiest job in Gotham.