Buffy #28: Emergency Discussion

September 2nd, 2009 by | Tags:

Cut for spoilers.  Oh, such terrible spoilers.

Xander.  And Dawn.  Kissing.


what what what?



Did anyone see this coming?  Did I miss chemistry?  Did I miss hinting?


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14 comments to “Buffy #28: Emergency Discussion”

  1. Well, I remember Dawn was said to have had a crush on Xander before she got into Spike during season 5. I also remember Dawn and Xander bonding (especially toward the end of season 7) about being the only people in the group without powers who know nothing about magic (even Andrew knew a few summoning spells). In a way, I can imagine Dawn making advances on Xander, but I can’t see him reciprocating. I’ve got to read this issue.

  2. It’s pretty creepy I admit, but in the show they always had her kind of allude to having a crush on Xander in the last season or so. Maybe it even seems kinda inevitable since he seems to be the only strong male (non-vamp) shes ever run across in her entire fictional existence. He always seems to be every empathetic in regards to her suffering, especially when she became a giant, and tends to speak up for her when Buffy complains about how whiny Dawn can be.

    I dunno, I kind of saw it coming waaaaaay down the road if the show had gone on long enough and Dawn was out of the jail bait category (how long does the comic take place after the show ? Dawn couldn’t have been over 16 when we last saw her on television).

  3. @AlexC: Buffy talks to Giant Dawn, saying she ‘should be at Berkeley’, so she’s 18 or above.

    Yes, she had a crush on him way back when, but – oh golly.

    @Manic: And how long has it been since his last love interest died? Two months? Less?

  4. I’m going to miss Dawn. Poor doomed Dawn…

  5. @LurkerWithout: Oh man, you’re right. Xander is like the Kyle Rayner of the Jossverse.

  6. they’ve been kinda building this up, but in one of those ways that they honestly could have just said they were becoming friends instead

  7. there was a bit of it when Dawn was turned into a centaur. I think it’s terrible idea honestly.

    Some college students could be 17

  8. It’s not really that creepy. Xander was 20 in season 6 of the show. Dawn would’ve been about 14 at the time, since she started high school the next year. So if she’s 18 now, he’s 24.

    I don’t mind the idea. The two of them have always been portrayed as being close to each other, so it’s not that unusual for them to start relationship.

  9. I think it seems creepy because Dawn was treated as a CHILD or very childish in the show and its hard to judge how far the characters have advanced since then ,especially physically. i still think of her as being very young especially since Xander was played by a 30 year old dating another 30+ person (Anya) on the show . When you look at the raw ages it’s not really weird.

  10. yeah, raw ages are pretty normal for a college romance, and she did have a crush on him even in her first full episode. She talks about how he’s the cool one in the group during her monologue.

  11. Dawn was 15 in OMWF, and it seems pretty clear that she always had a crush on him and he never noticed her (deja vu w/ Willow).

  12. Who cares. She’s not real.

  13. @don: People who read fiction?

  14. @lurkerwithout:

    No, I’m not saying that. I mean she’s not real the way in which Xander and Buffy and everybody else is real.

    It is nice for Xander though. And, hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and his girlfriend trend will continue, and nobody’ll ever have to hear from Dawn’s whiny ass again!