Not Blog X Survived the Experience

August 16th, 2009 by | Tags: ,

G. Kendall made it through all of the ’90s X-Men books. NBX has been one of my favorite comics blogs since I first found it. I’ve loved looking back at all these dusty old stories and reading about ones I missed after I quit comics. It was a great idea for a blog, I think.

His long assessment of the quality of ’90s X-Men is probably true, too. Well worth a read.

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2 comments to “Not Blog X Survived the Experience”

  1. I’ve been killing downtime at work for the past month going through “Not Blog X.” It’s a great project, thanks for the initial shout out that sent me in that direction.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed that blog. Great reliving the old stories (and mostly cringing). One strange benefit it had was making me interested enough to trawl for issues featuring early art from people I like now, for example Mike Mignola on X Force, and Tim Sale on Cable.