Great Moments in Black History #08: Brains & Brawn

May 4th, 2009 by | Tags:

from marvel’s the origin of generation x/phalanx covenant. words by scott lobdell, art by joe madureira/dan green

(i dig monet. she hasn’t been in very many stories that i like, but i like her anyway.)

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4 comments to “Great Moments in Black History #08: Brains & Brawn”

  1. If you’re wanting better stories with Monet in them, start reading David’s current run on X-Factor. Her insufferable arrogance is actually explained pretty well during a team session with Doc Samson.

  2. I’d agree that Monet is a great character, and that Peter David is doing good work with her. The session with Dr. Samson is also the only time her ridiculous and convoluted backstory has been put to good use, also. The whole Monet/Twins/Penance/Emplate thing was awful, really. I wish the X-Factor colourists would stop forgetting she’s not caucaisan, though.

    Also: Chamber being somehow related to Apocalypse (or something?) and having his body rebuilt with blue lines all over it = pointless changing of a good character.

    Poor old Generation X. They’ve never really been treated too well…

  3. I’m very fond of M too, and have been since she first appeared in the Phalanx Covenant and (especially) those fantastic early issues of Generation X (that was a different Monet, I know, but I try to ignore that). Jubilee describing her superpower as being perfect, that was great.

    Unlike the two commenters before me, however, I’m rather disappointed with the way she appears in X-Factor. Monet’s inclusion of the team is one of the things that originally convinced me to buy the current volume, and, as far as I remember, during the entire run, David has done virtually nothing with her.

  4. I wish Marvel would make up its mind in general on coloring Monet…it’s so all over the board! The least they can do is smack a big note on there whenever a colorist makes her white that says “NOT CAUCASIAN!”.