Jason Todd: Movie Monster

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Is it me or is Jason Todd acting like the main killer/monster from scary movies? 

Let’s review the narrative of most of the Battle For The Cowl themed issues he’s appeared in.

A character is isolated from the main group.

The character feels fine, and is going through a routine activity when . . . they get tense.

Oh no!  Crisis!  What will happen to this character? 

Wait, wait, no.  We thought that was the main scare, but the crisis is quickly averted.  Things are okay again – until . . .


Jason Todd suddenly lurches out of the darkness and kills the hell out of the character!  The other characters obviously are troubled and scared by this, but that doesn’t stop them from breaking off from the main group in their turn.

I’m hoping they change Gotham’s name to Camp Crystal Lake.  Also, get Jason a hockey mask.

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6 comments to “Jason Todd: Movie Monster”

  1. Add in the part where he comes back from the dead and I think we have a new direction for Jason!

  2. Oh, but he’s back!
    He’s the man behind the cowl!
    And he’s out of control!
    He’s back!
    The man behind the cowl!
    And he crawled… out… of… his… hole…

  3. Freddie vs Jason vs Jason

  4. The problem is you’ve now made me realize how much I like the idea of a Batman who is like a horror movie monster

  5. lol…I love this blog. XD

  6. I kind of see where you’re going with this, bro, and I agree for the most part. I hope however that Jason goes back to being the Red Hood because this feels like Azbats all over again with the direction they’re taking him.